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postheadericon Karatbars, who are they?  How can you get gold without using out of pocket money AND a weekly income at the same time?

Karatbars International was founded in 2011. They specialize in the sales and distribution  of small gold bars embedded in credit card sized cards. (Produced by refineries that meet the highest weight and quality standards)   The headquarters is located and registered to do business in Stuttgart Germany  and they are rapidly expanding throughout Europe and across the globe.

Karatbars International offers customers competitive prices for "Spendable Gold",  free storage and flat rate shipping. Deliveries are packaged under video surveillance and are shipped via FedEx daily.
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Gold Karatbars

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Karatbars are packaged in grams instead of ounces. ( 1, 2.5 and 5 grams.)  The purity and weight is guaranteed. Karatbars are pure 999.9 24 karat fine gold recognized as real currency. Karatbars are embedded in cards that  protect them and serve  as a certificate of authenticity. Click here to view cards


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Get paid weekly and receive gold, cash, trips, cars and a villa for helping two others  secure their future. Amazing compensation plan pays unlimited levels down. Many members are working from home and arning thousands of dollars each and every  week. There's no required monthly membership fees. Click here to view the Karatbars payplan

Our Team

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Members of our team have senior representatives standing by ready to help on skype and three way calls. We also have a skype room and frequent webinars for introducing new members and training.  An exciting part of the payplan is we can place new members where we want. I built two straight lines down. (5,544 people in our dual system)


postheadericon Karatbars Overview Video.

Our senior partner explains the fundamentals.

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Accounts are free. Monthly purchases not required. Keep Karatbars a secret if you want or share with 2 others that have dreams, desires and determination then get cash, Gold, cars, trips and a villa.

“If you were given 1 acre that had 1 million dollars worth of gold buried on it .. would you dig it up? Would you get some friends to help you?”

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