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Karatbars Paymen Proof

Does Karatbars pay? Show me the money! Ben, After checking multiple websites promoting Karatbars Int., I have yet to see anyone say how much money they are making and how long it took them to get to that level.       Karatbars requests that we do not advertise our personal earnings or show Continue reading “Karatbars Paymen Proof” »

Karatbars Spillover

What is spillover? Signups from this website could be placed below you TODAY. Cool right? In the Karatbars Dual System, we can only have two legs down. If you sponsor more than two, they have to go somewhere tho right? Note* We also have placement options in our Karatbars back office that permits us to place them where we want. ( For example, we can build a spouse’s left or right leg ) The Karatbars placement setting is automatic by default. That means the karatbars system will place new members equally on each side as I bring them in. ( Single line down on right or left. I can place personally sponsored only. I cannot place those that came from my up line to the left or the right. Placement is up to the one that personally sponsored the new Karatbars affiliate ) My Karatbars spillover strategy I’m only building my outside legs. ( I’m not filling in the middle for family and friends.  ) Continue reading “Karatbars Spillover” »

karatbars compensation plan

Karatbars compensation plan for the karatbars affiliate program Karatbars compensation plan The karatbars affiliate program has two pay systems that compensate associates for their efforts. The Karatbars free/basic pay plan  (Unilevel) Affiliates in the Unilevel compensation plan only get paid from the sales made on their first level. (Excluding package sales)  All new affiliates and customers brought in by a free member will be placed on their first level.  Unilevel affiliates are paid  on the 1st of each month. The Karatbars paid pay plan  (Dual Team) Continue reading “karatbars compensation plan” »

Karatbars In Cyprus

Thinking about joining Karatbars in Cyprus? Karatbars in Cyprus and Greece The timing is perfect for someone starting Karatbars in Cyprus.  The new gold money is getting a lot of attention there as well as in Greece.  Karatbars offers a safe place to store your money and they can help you hedge against

How to be wealthy in America

The wealthy in America think differently Did you know the rich people in America seldom work hard for their money?  They don’t work for a salary or hourly wage.  The wealthy in America would rather spend their money to generate more business or to increase their assets.  This is a strange way of thinking for those who have traded the time in their lives for money.  The middle class and poor tend to acquire more liabilities with their money.  The middle class in America thinks  a better paying job or a raise will solve all their financial worries. Continue reading “How to be wealthy in America” »

Karatbars Gold Pyramid

The Karatbars Pyramid Program I would like to talk about a couple of objections new karatbars affiliates will have to deal with that may trip them up when they are getting started. Are you still promoting the Karatbars Gold pyramid? Not letting objections get you down  is a difficult thing to do when you are first getting started with Karatbars. There will ALWAYS be people out there trying to make us feel like we are wasting our time  and constantly telling us our plan will not work.  The truth of the matter is those types of people are probably not in the quadrant / income bracket you want to be in! Continue reading “Karatbars Gold Pyramid” »

Karatbars banners

At this time Karatbars does not provide us with any banners. However you can check with your up line to see which banners they use and what one works best. I made  a few banners for my team. ( and splash pages )  I often target those in the HYIP  industry. ( at least they

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Where’s the best place to put your new Karatbar referrals?

Karatbar referral placement. Earlier today I was speaking with a Karatbars referral who thought it was a good idea to place all new referrals under your "ace" in whichever leg you are building.   I like building straight down and letting them all know 1/2 of their Karatbars business is being built for them and try

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