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At this time Karatbars does not provide us with any banners. However you can check with your up line to see which banners they use and what one works best.
I made  a few banners for my team. ( and splash pages )  I often target those in the HYIP  industry. ( at least they have the right mindset. ( You need to invest to earn interest )  However HYIPs are very risky and the majority of the members loose money. That’s the way they are designed.  Karatbars is perfect for those who are frustrated with loosing money online or spending too much on products. ( That are worthless at the end of the year.)

Here’s one of many banners  I made for our team:

banner karatbars




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  1. Karatbars

    Anyone heard of this???? “read this: USA has implemented a NEW LAW that will come into the effect starting in August 2013. Canada is to be followed (as usual) with any changes that USA implies ALL HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) & Any REVENUE SHARE opportunities that offer any kind of % (percentage)
    of $ (dollars) returned within specific time will be ILLEGAL. No surprise to me. But many have never heard of Zeek, Profitable sunrise, cherry shares … the list grows daily. ( PDF I did about online investment scams )


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