Michael From The Caribbean

Karatbars Affiliate

Michael Amann from the Caribbean walks us through the opening of his Karatbars Silver package he received.

He has also provided information at the end about the costs and benefits for the more popular packages available from karatbars international.

Karatbars Update:
Hi everyone,  Ben here.
Hope you had a great weekend. It’s a FROSTY white Sunday morning
here in upper Pa. Much warmer in the Caribbean I’m sure!

Loved our Karatbars intro webinar last night.

(Come to the Karatbars meetings to learn/build your confidence and/or bring a guest to EARN)

Mr Best talked about his heart attack and how he made more in the hospital
bed than he normally did when he was out and about! ( In Karatbars )
Hate to say it. We are all going to get tired and sick one day. It’s better to
not have to deal with a pay cut too right?
Remember, we are all connected in this global economy!
Update from Michael’s private Karatbars group at facebook.
Karatbars Caribbean

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