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Hi, I’m Ben and thanks for visiting my site.

Here you will find out just a little more about me.

I always wanted to be my own boss. Shortly out of high school in 87 I started working for myself as a contractor. But as most people who set out to be self employed I soon discovered it was not as easy as I first thought. On top of that when the dust settled I discovered I simply bought a job for myself and had to put way more time and effort into my business than the average person who worked a normal job.

I lacked leverage.

I was an “S” in Robert Kiyosaki’s quadrant and that made me a “LOOSER”!  I wanted to make money while I was asleep. (That’s what happens with Karatbars in the “B” Quadrant)

Here’s the thing. Since grade school I have always loved the idea of investing a little time/money ONE TIME (ok .. maybe few times) and then getting paid for it the rest of my life. Like the kind of income earned by those who make movies, write songs, earn from stock dividends, royalties, photos, insurance sales, rental properties or as a franchise owner.

From where I was I didn’t have thousands of dollars to start with. I did have a few years of the Amway experience under my belt. (back in 89 ) I also tried many types of product and service based network marketing programs over the years but the phone thing and belly to belly approach didn’t fly for me.

The way I thought of the internet was like an open door. A place with new, bigger and better opportunities. I have always lived in very rural areas , and I got to make many new friends online who were making hundreds per day. Promoting products and services online is no cakewalk either.

I did find many liked purchasing stuff if they had a good chance of getting more money back though. That’s when I first saw up to $1000 per day in commissions

I Discovered That Some People Don’t Think Karatbars Is Legit … If You Don’t Show Your Face?

If you are one of them, here ya go…

I live in a rural area and used the internet exclusively to bring in another 1000+  Karatbars affiliates/customers. I also made sales  (Like mine)  to help them out.

the karatbars guy

Most people don’t take making a living online from home seriously

Here’s a video I made prior to joining Karatbars.
(We are not allowed to advertise our Karatbars earnings.) Your earnings will totally depend on your

online income proof

These payments came from Solid Trust Pay and they were a pain to withdraw sometimes!  I love the debit card Karatbars provides. Far less hassle.

I joined Karatbars in 2012 and my goal was to make $1000.00 a day. I wasn’t disappointed.  Karatbars has been my only source of income since then. (Being a Karatbars affiliate  “paid my bills”)

Karatbars requires that we do not show/advertise our income. (Surprising how many ask) There’s never any guaranteed income in this or any industry. What you make depends on effort.

But as they say “never have all your eggs in one basket” OR all your money in one bank… Which brings me to the ‘Gold Program’ and all these cool rewards… ?

I hope you take us up on this opportunity to be in the loop with us as well as diversify your income today and stay tuned!..

Anyone who thinks the sky is the limit, has limited imagination. – Anonymous
(Because there’s footprints on the moon! )

PS   I mixed Robert’s quadrant video with a Karatbars teaser video on another landing site …
in case you haven’t heard him talk about the quadrants: