Church Fundraisers Ideas

Church fundraisers ideas

Many churches and non profit organizations that rely on fundraisers and donations are finding it increasingly difficult to attract support. Our fundraising idea reduces and even eliminates these burdens while at the same time helping members and patrons do something they should be doing anyway … but may not be aware of.

Smart Fund Raising And Saving Ideas

Exchanging one large lump sum or small deposits into term savings certificates on a regular basis is a smart way to raise additional funds … and we have a platform with the very best way to do that.

Source Of Funds For Church Fundraisers and Who Are We Are

Who I am and more about the partnership

I represent a company that’s backed by billionaires and Mega Stars that own their own blockchain.
Most people are surprised to discover blockchain is not just for speculation.

Here’s just five industries the blockchain is disrupting:

1. Healthcare

Managing medical records management, medical data management

2. Real Estate

Managing property records management, land registry

3. Identity and Access Management

Managing identity verification, digital identity, access control

4. Energy sector

Managing metering systems for electricity usage

5. Education and Research sector

Managing academic publishing & peer-reviews, academic credentials validation

BDswiss is transitioning onto our blockchain. Right now they are offering special introductory certificates that have an 18 month term.

BONUS. Our blockchain platform has a referral reward system.  If parishioners or patrons use our blockchain it will create a financial reward for the church. The additional financial benefit for this fundraising idea is to simply register the church with our blockchain first, then their sub groups, and finally the membership. Everyone will be protecting themselves from the havoc’s of inflation and the loss of purchasing power of savings held in paper money.  By using the blockchain …. everyone wins.

The best time to setup your free affiliate account is now.  Register now and take a look around your back office. I don’t expect it all to make sense .. that’s why Ben and I are here to help you move forward. There’s absolutely no obligations ever to buy or sell anything. No monthly/yearly quotas or fees required.  Follow this link to register: Church Fundraisers Ideas 

Thank you for your time and attention!  This “Church Fundraisers Idea” is by invitation only. A sponsor or inviter is required.  If you follow the links this information should be filled in for you. (Either Ben Alexander or Kristal Alexander)  We have been with the blockchain company since its inception. (2020) We have introduced hundreds of people and you may contact us day or night to discuss the possibilities. Follow this link to learn more about the blockchain company and to register: Church Fundraisers Ideas

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