Church Fundraisers Ideas

Church fundraisers ideas

Many churches and non profit organizations that rely on fundraisers and donations are finding it increasingly difficult to attract support. Our fundraising idea reduces and even eliminates these burdens while at the same time helping members and patrons do something they should be doing anyway … but may not be aware of.

Smart Fund Raising And Saving Idea

Exchanging small amounts of cash for spendable grade gold on a regular basis is a smart way to save … and Karatbars overs the very best way to do that. Now for the first time  anyone can move as little as $65 at a time into a more safe, secure and inflation proof form of currency.

Karatbars is literally bringing Gold to the masses in churches around the world. This is particularly exciting considering the fact that so many parishioners wouldn’t normally have the resources to be able to afford gold. Not only does Karatbars help everyone acquire gold without using out of pocket money … Karatbars ships gold with more features and benefits than any other form or size of gold in the world.

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Rare card collecting is a great idea. It’s billion dollar industry. (Even without any gold)

Karatbars offers “spendable gold” in very small increments.  The features on each card allow it to be instantly verified by any store or business owner world wide as pure gold bullion and not fake. They are developing their own world wide system in which you can exchange your gold for products & services face to face  (So you don’t have to convert it to cash) or use a phone app online.  The gold is stored for you for free and can be liquidated at any time. The funds can be transferred to your debit card. (provided)

church fundraiser idea

Every dollar that gets exchanged into gold by parishioners or patrons will create a financial reward for the church that they registered through. The idea for the fundraiser is to simply register the church first, then their sub groups, and finally the membership. Everyone will be protecting themselves from the havocs of inflation and the loss of purchasing power of savings held in paper money.  By moving small amounts of money into Karatbars currency …. everyone wins.

The best time to setup your free affiliate account is now and take a look around your back office. There’s absolutely no obligations ever to buy or sell gold. No monthly/yearly quotas or fees.  Follow this link to register: Church Fundraisers Ideas

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Karatbars is by invitation only. You must have a “sponsor”.  Mine is id is “Reply”  I have been a member since 2012. Introduced hundreds of people and you may contact me day or night to discuss the possibilities.

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