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What Makes a Good Church Fundraiser? More Than Just Doughnuts and Bake Sales

Church fundraisers. The mere mention might conjure images of stale bake sale cookies and slightly-burnt burgers. But let’s be honest, those traditional methods, while nostalgic, can sometimes feel a little… tired. So, what makes a truly good church fundraiser in today’s world?

It’s more than just raising money (although, let’s not downplay the importance of that!). It’s about creating an experience that resonates with your community, strengthens bonds, and leaves everyone feeling good, both about their contribution and the cause it supports.

church fundraisers ideas

Here are a few key ingredients that make a church fundraiser truly shine

The best church fundraisers are the ones that leave you feeling good, not just about the money raised, but about the connections made, the laughter shared, and the positive impact created. So, get creative, have fun, and let your fundraiser be a testament to the spirit of your church community!

Meaningful Connection

Align your fundraiser with your church’s mission and values. Is it supporting a local outreach program? Funding youth activities? Let the purpose be the heart of the event, fostering a sense of shared purpose and impact.

Fun and Engaging

Ditch the awkward bingo nights and embrace activities that spark joy and laughter. Think themed carnivals, talent shows, community game nights, or even a friendly sports tournament.

inclusive and welcoming fundraiser

Inclusive and Welcoming

Spread the joy! Make your church fundraiser all-inclusive with activities for everyone. Open doors, open hearts, and build community together!

fundraising volunteer power

Volunteer Power

Unleash the volunteer power! Delegate, signup, contribute – team work & community magic awaits!

creative fundraising

Creative Fundraising

Gourmet cookie decorating nights, silent auctions with local experiences, or crowdfunding with engaging rewards!

Lasting impact charity

Lasting Impact

Beyond the fun, leave a legacy! Plant a community garden, collect shelter donations, or host a book drive. Your church fundraiser can make a lasting impact.

faith and community raising money

Faith and Community

Faith and community go hand in hand, and sometimes, a little creativity can help bridge the gap. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to church fundraisers. Let your passion shine, embrace the spirit of collaboration, and watch your ideas blossom into events that not only raise funds, but strengthen bonds and leave a lasting impact on your community.

Our Top Pick For Church Fundraiser

Keep in mind this page was created in the middle of WINTER and we live in a rural area!


  • Bonus Shopping Rebates. Example: Cashback from buying potatoes and onions locally.
  • Games and Competitions.
  • Referral Program Participation. Inviting new users contributes to the church’s fundraising efforts.
  • Daily Activities and Tasks. Rain or shine!
  • Social Media Sharing.

This approach can provide a continuous and passive way for church members and supporters to contribute to fundraising initiatives, aligning daily activities with the goal of supporting the church.

For the invitation link and guide: email

top pick church fundraiser
For the invitation link and guide: email