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Seriously, (My rant)

Did your “nutrition autoship” or “membership payments” for the last few months create this much wealth?
(The “Free” 5g cards are worth around $300. Maybe $5000 each 1 day)karatbars affiliate presentation

Let’s be HONEST! The number one reason people join money making programs in the first place is to CREATE WEALTH.Am I right? After all, we build our “networks” to increase our “networth”, right? There is no more powerful way to increase your net worth, wealth, and future stability than to acquire and market precious metals. Especially in today’s economy! It just makes better business sense than purchasing and promoting super juices, laundry detergents, energy drinks, and skin creams! Get a free no obligation account and have a look around. Discover the world’s leading gold bullion Network Marketing company. Discover how you can set your children’s children up for massive wealth that truly lasts instead of decaying and expiring products like consumable based products!

Every gram of gold you own and possess gives you “Superior Purchasing Power” in the future. As you can see things winding down and the economical plane we are all riding on is getting close to the inevitable crash landing those who have the gold will be able to acquire mass amounts of assets with their gold. This event occurred in 1929 when thousands lots their fortunes, and thousands ended up in the soup lines, those who were prepared and set for the financial collapse created extraordinary amounts of wealth. People who were prepared and maximized on the crash were criticized for taking advantage of the depression and financial collapse. But is sacrificing, working hard, saving your money and being prepared for the crash really taking advantage of crises?

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