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how to get rich affiliate marketing tipsAnyone over the age of 18 can get rich affiliate marketing. We have the technology. Affiliate marketing involves a legal  agreement between a business entity and an individual.  The business agrees to reward the individual for sending visitors & customers.  (Traffic is tracked by a special web address or code given to the affiliate) Most agreements include paying the affiliate a commission from the customer’s purchases. However, most affiliate programs only pay for the customers first purchase only. (Eg like Amazon’s affiliate program) The best affiliate programs assign the customer to the affiliate for life. (Eg: The gold deal)  The worst affiliate programs require you to make many sales and overcome a high threshold before you are eligible to get paid … But the best affiliate programs don’t have high minimums or require you to make several sales to remain active/eligible. ( Like the gold deal)  

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You came here seeking an abundant life. You want to be happy and free.  Affiliate marketing can provide you with  all the money you will need for a full, happy, comfortable life.

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