Karatbars Incentives Program

incentivesThe ongoing long term incentive programs include:

Karatbars Leather Bag          Value:  500.00 euro

Karatbars Gold Pen               Value: 1000.000 euro

Karatbars Gold Bracelet      Value:  3500.000 euro

Multi Color Gold Watch      Value:  9000.000

Mercedes C Class                 Value:  40000.000

Mercedes E / CLS Class      Value:  70000.000

Mercedes S / SL Class          Value: 120000.000

Villa with Land                      Value:  750000.000

*Please Note
– No monthly purchase required to remain eligible.
– You get the title to the cars. (Not a lease)
– You typically get the choice between incentive or gold equivalent.

karat bars incentives

November (2018) Travel Allowance Incentive

Brand new offices will be opened in Frankfurt, Germany this November 30th, 2018.

To mark the occasion Karatbars  prepared a Grand Golden Incentive, giving you the
chance to attend their great grand opening party on their new premises on Nov 30th and Dec 1st, 2018.

The Karatbars promotion runs from Nov 2nd, 2018 until Nov 25th, 2018 at noon CET.

Once you qualified you will get the opportunity to meet Karatgold’s Management and staff members
of Karatbars International.

How the promotion works:

Option 1:

Affiliate achieves direct sales of Multipack Combo Packages worth of € 10,000 to get  € 1,500 in travel allowance.

*Multiple qualifications are possible. For example, if you qualify twice, you will get double the travel allowance.

Option 2:

Your own purchases of Multipack Combo Packages with worth of € 3,000
PLUS – Multipack Combo Packages team sales worth of € 25,000 IN ONE DUAL TEAM
PLUS – Multipack Combo Packages sales worth of € 10,000 IN YOUR OTHER DUAL TEAM

This will also qualify you for € 1,500 travel allowance.
*If you qualified twice, you will get twice the travel allowance, for instance.

Once you have completed the qualification, please send an email with your username and provide us
with copies of your flight ticket.

“Please understand that transferring a qualification is not possible and furthermore, please
understand that the travel allowance will forfeit if you cannot accommodate to attend the event.
Also note that the hotel accomodations should be made by the incentive winner directly.”

Promotion disclaimer: No liability will be incurred for misprints or incomplete specifications – subject
to alterations, errors excepted. The decision of Karatbars and/or Karatgold management is final, with
no recourse; participation in the Promotion is your acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms.
Karatbars and/or Karatgold management may at its sole discretion substitute or replace content, or
discontinue the Promotion.