Karatbars 100 Euro Bonus Cards

karatbars 100 euro bonus cards

You Can Buy A Karatbars Bonus Card, Get A Bonus Card From Your Sponsor,
Or Register Here And Get Yours For FREE!

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FREE Karatbars Bonus Card

    1. Click here then fill out the form with your best contact information.
    2. Click “Create Account” and then choose “Affiliate” to get MORE options.
    3. The sponsor info should be there for you: Your “sponsor” reply “Karatbars ID” 67591793
      (Karatbars Is By Invitation Only. “Sponsor required”)
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“What Can I Use The Karatbars 100 Euro Bonus Cards For?”

  • Use The Bonus Card To Help Get A VIP Package                    VIP Package
  • Use For The Purchase Of Your K-Exchange Business              karatbars k exchange
  • Use To Upgrade Your Silver Package To VIP                             VIP Package
  • Use To Upgrade Your Gold Package To VIP                              VIP Package
  • Use To Upgrade Your Bronze Package To VIP                         VIP Package
  • For The Purchase Of Multi Gram Card 100 x 1g                       karatbars multigram cards
  • For Branding Cards (250 Cards Min)                                         Branding cards
  • SDNA-ID Karatbars Card Reader                                               Karatbars card reader
  • Use The Bonus Card Toward A Three Star Cashbox                VIP Package
  • Use Card To Help Get A Premium Package                               premium package
  • Bonus Helps You Get A Premium Professional Package        premium professional package

NOTE: Only one Bonus Card Can Be Used Per Order

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Karatbars packages

What’s In The Karatbars Packages?

How much are they?

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