Karatbars Academy

Karatbars Academy Explained

Karatbars Academy is a Karatbars marketing system introduced by Karatbars to help you on your path to financial freedom.

Karatbars Academy isn’t just for attracting new business partners, it also ensures your new partners remain for the long term. The Karatbars Academy tools include follow up emails, a contact manager, update center, and email notifications.

Karatbars Academy will be shut down effectively on 25th May 2018.

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Most Common Questions Everyone Needs To Know

The Karatbars Academy Marketing System Provides You with A Landing Page And Helps You Reach Out To Prospects

With a free Karatbars Academy Account you can automatically sign up new contacts and stay in touch with them. Karatbars Academy opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Karatbars affiliates. You get high quality marketing tools including landing pages and an autoresponder to help you get new prospects signed up. The prewritten messages  are for current business partners and Karatbars customers.

karatbars academy sales funnel

Registering A Free Karatbars Academy Account

The Karatbars Academy Marketing System is easy to setup after you first register with Karatbars.  Important:  Don’t forget to add your Karatbars Username when registering for your free Karatbars Academy account so that your Academy landing pages will be linked to your Karatbars affiliate account.

register karatbars academy account

Karatbars Academy Landing Pages

At this time Karatbars Academy offers 1 free landing page and 10 premium landing pages. The price for the premium landing pages is 47 € each. You have the option to purchase all 10 of the premium Karatbars Academy landing pages for a one time fee of 147 €.  The Karatbars Academy plans to add to their premium landing page collection to keep your business presentations fresh and exciting.

You will find your Karatbars Academy landing pages when you login to your Karatbars Academy account. The Academy landing pages and followup emails will help explain the Karatbars opportunity and relay Harald Seiz’s vision of inspiring everyone to become financially independent by acquiring gold from Karatbars.
You get your own personal referral links with the Karatbars Academy landing pages.

They work he same way as your regular Karatbars referral links.

karatbars academy landing pages

Karatbars Academy Follow Up Emails

The Academy email follow up emails can be sent manually before or after they see one of the
presentations and the Karatbars Academy allows you to stay in touch with new affiliates, through automatic messages that have been pre-written or personal messages. If you use the free landing page, your follow up emails must be sent manually. Premium landing pages include automatic follow-ups.

karatbars academy follow up emails

Karatbars Academy Contact Management

The Karatbars Academy contact manager gives you the ability to keep track of contacts. You can tell at a glance who your partners, prospects, and guests are and when you made contact with them.

karatbars academy contact manager

Karatbars Academy Notifications

Karatbars Academy will be notify you automatically when someone completes the form on your landing page.
This gives you the opportunity to follow up with perfect timing.

karatbars academy email notices