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1) Protect your wealth.
2) Multiply your wealth.

* No annual membership fees when you are an affiliate.
* No minimum sales/purchase requirements to qualify for commissions.
* No annual or website fees.
* No auto-ship requirements to remain “active”.
* No mandatory deliveries.
* No Inventory to keep or track when you are an affiliate.

Hi, I’m Ben Alexander. Karatbars (VIP) affiliate since 2012. 

What’s not to like about Karatbars ….

Karatbars is all about saving a lot of Gold and MAKING A LOT of money.

You can get in on the business side of Karatbars like I did and develop a weekly RESIDUAL INCOME like I did.
Then EVERYDAY is like a Friday or Saturday.

You can register and remain eligible to get paid as a free affiliate (Only in the Unilevel system)  or get a business package and maximize your income. (Get paid in the “Dual System” also)  The dual system is like a binary without the bad stuff. (No flushing or time & performance  requirements)

We get paid unlimited levels down in the Dual System. ( Actually the levels have no significance)  with the dual system … if you invite more than two …. they will be placed under those who joined earlier.

Thousands of customers and affiliates ended up under the first two I invited … and I keep adding more in a straight line down to motivate and inspire those who joined.  ( You can earn from those placed below you in the dual system)

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Everybody wants to know … Is Karatbars Legit?   Is their gold overpriced? Is the global currency crash just a con? Why Gold bullion and not Gold Coins? How does the Karatbars affiliate program work? What are some of the other things people don’t tell you about Karatbars? You have QUESTIONS? Awesome. .. I have answers to Karatbars questions you haven’t thought of yet! 🙂 Is Karatbars Legit

Karatbars Affiliate Program -How It Works

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Karatbars Affiliate Rewards

Karatbars affiliate Reward

Karatbars Affiliate Compensation Plan

  1. Partners can register and become a Karatbars Affiliate for free without obligations. (No membership fees. No back office fees. No volume requirements. No sales/purchase requirements.) Free members/Karatbars affiliates’s earnings are based on the “unilevel” compensation plan. (Register for a free account and look in your downloads section for the most up to date information & incentives for Karatbars Affiliates) What is a very  short explanation of the unilevel compensation plan?  You can earn up to 6% from your own/direct efforts. … Sort of like an Amazon affiliate but the customer/new partener is yours for life! Karatbars Affiliates in the Unilevel get paid once per month. Those in the dual system get paid weekly AND monthly.
  2. The Dual System.  In order to participate in the “Dual System”, Partners must get a Karatbars business package.  (Register for a free account and look in your downloads section for the most up to date information & incentives for Karatbars Affiliates)


Karatbars Affiliate Training

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If you have ever made $1000 a day online you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say it’s not easy picking the right long term business to affiliate with

Affiliate/networking and investment programs come and go every month … like WEEDS!

What do you do when your “new and hot” program is not? Then what? Look for another new and hot money making program? Wouldn’t it be nice if your original affiliate program was still growing under you? (Without you jumping through hoops every month, making required purchases & quotas)

I know what it’s like to go online and login to some obscure affiliate account and see a 404 “site not found error”. Where did my commissions go? Why can’t I withdraw my money? With Karatbars there’s no high payout thresh hold. They pay as promised. Automatically every week on a debit card and they ship my gold when I want it. (Free storage, easy liquidation)

I know about getting lost in the ocean of opportunities on the internet. Most of them will be gone in a couple of years. Count on it. We will be here. We made it over the hump! Get a free account now and you will be glad you did. This highly leveraged affiliate program makes the most sense. You get the chance to “make money while you sleep”, get free wealth insurance and peace of mind.

Real people, Real phone numbers, Real business address, Real Wealth Karatbars Corporate Info Karatbars Corporate

A little more about me: Full time Karatbars VIP

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