karatbars alternative

Here’s a karatbars alternative

… Become a surgeon!

karatbars alternative

Some want a karatbars alternative because finding 1 or 2
ambitious partners sounds too difficult! But compare the
time and money they have to invest compared to a surgeon!

1.  How much money do you think an average surgeon has to borrow for their education? $100,000.00?
2.  How many years do they have to study? 6? add another 3 years?
3.  How many graduates can’t find a job?
4.  How much would a surgeon make if something happened to their hands?
5.  If they don’t go to work for the whole week … How much do you think they will get paid on Friday?
6.  How many surgeons WITHOUT an alternative income make MORE after they retire?

I wanted an alternative. I have been self employed for most of my life starting shortly after graduation in 1987. I was ready for something different.

I also invested in startups and futures. learned all about support and resistance, fib numbers, retracements, cycles, divergence, technical indicators, compared sectors, studied volume, fractal calculations, compared various trading platforms, made some of my own trading systems in Tradestation and so forth but there is just too much randomness and misinformation in the markets for my comfort.

My contracting business that I had for several years required me to spend over $2000 for insurance per year and $60 every other day on fuel! Maybe that’s why I appreciate the fully funded infrastructure Karatbars provides for us even more than the average person?

What a nice alternative! All Funded For You:

Employees, Staff Company Debts, Utilities
Accounting, Web Support, Production, Legal, Banking, Card Services, Shipping & Receiving International Regulatory Agreements, Cyber Security, Vaulting, Armored Delivery, Worldwide Expansion Hubs, Support.

I figured I could build more excitement for new signups if I ONLY built 2 lines down. ( since we all get paid unlimited “levels” down ) Most bring their wife and kids in and build under them (their legs) That’s fine. With me I’m either building my left or right. Those who hesitate get placed at the end of the line.

I only promote online and share how I do it with the ones who get serious. I found hundreds of customers and affiliates. Two of them opened up Cyprus and Botswana and they have done well there!

Karatbars Alternative 2

So What would be easier for you… Working 40+ years and then trying to live on 40% of what you made or on the flipside, give Karatbars your A game for a few weeks?

karatbars compare