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Affiliate Opportunity In Jamaica

Are You Looking For The Best Affiliate Opportunity Available In Jamaica?   Our affiliate opportunity is Free to join. Largest affiliate team in Jamaica. No monthly fees. No volume requirements to keep your active affiliate status. Registered as an e-commerce company.  No website or back office fees. Our product is money! … In the form of small gold bars that come from LBMA (London bullion market ) accredited refineries. The gold is sealed and protected against fraud with special DNA markings.  (Gold) Savings accounts are free. The gold can easily be liquidated and put on a debit card or later be traded for goods and services at K-exchange centers. Continue reading “Affiliate Opportunity In Jamaica” »

Why Join Karatbars

Why Join Karatbars When There Are So Many Other Opportunities? Joining  Karatbars was the next logical step for me. Before Karatbars I spent over 15 years working as an independent contractor. I had to pay for my own insurance (mostly liability. around 2k per year) and fuel. (Sometimes $60 every other day)  No retirement money set aside. Lots of credit card bills.   I was used to investing time and money to earn and learn. But isn’t that normal life on this planet anyway? Schooling, clothes, transportation “aint” cheep nowadays! ( Ask a parent!) Plus there’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the job/people and day to day grind after the dust settles and the tuition bills start rolling in. I sure wish I still had the money I spent on expenses in the form of Karatbars Gold today! Continue reading “Why Join Karatbars” »