Why Join Karatbars

Why Join Karatbars When There Are So Many Other Opportunities? Joining  Karatbars was the next logical step for me. Before Karatbars I spent over 15 years working as an independent contractor. I had to pay for my own insurance (mostly liability. around 2k per year) and fuel. (Sometimes $60 every other day)  No retirement money set aside. Lots of credit card bills.   I was used to investing time and money to earn and learn. But isn’t that normal life on this planet anyway? Schooling, clothes, transportation “aint” cheep nowadays! ( Ask a parent!) Plus there’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the job/people and day to day grind after the dust settles and the tuition bills start rolling in. I sure wish I still had the money I spent on expenses in the form of Karatbars Gold today! Continue reading “Why Join Karatbars” »