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Self employed since 1990. (Contracting) Found out what it was like to make $1000.00 a day online and never looked back
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New Karatbars Payplan

The main adjustments to the New Karatbars Payplan essentially boosts the unilevel compensation while keeping the dual team commission structure. 1. Direct commissions for all packages holders in the new karatbars payplan will be changed from 5%-20% to 10% on personally sponsored buying packages. What is added is that we will also get 3% on

  • Americans Are Going to be Impoverished

Peter Schiff – Americans Are Going to be Impoverished

Pensions Savings & Annuities Are Gone In Terms Of Purchasing Power Learn more about ingenious ways to protect & multiply your dollars. The Global Wealth Preservation/Building Club There's also a rewards program for those who are willing to share. What's so wrong with socialism anyway? After all, you would get Free health care, Free tuition...

How to be wealthy in America

The wealthy in America think differently Did you know the rich people in America seldom work hard for their money?  They don’t work for a salary or hourly wage.  The wealthy in America would rather spend their money to generate more business or to increase their assets.  This is a strange way of thinking for those who have traded the time in their lives for money.  The middle class and poor tend to acquire more liabilities with their money.  The middle class in America thinks  a better paying job or a raise will solve all their financial worries. Continue reading “How to be wealthy in America” »

Karatbars Spillover

What is spillover? Signups from this website could be placed below you TODAY. Cool right? In the Karatbars Dual System, we can only have two legs down. If you sponsor more than two, they have to go somewhere tho right? Note* We also have placement options in our Karatbars back office that permits us to place them where we want. ( For example, we can build a spouse’s left or right leg ) The Karatbars placement setting is automatic by default. That means the karatbars system will place new members equally on each side as I bring them in. ( Single line down on right or left. I can place personally sponsored only. I cannot place those that came from my up line to the left or the right. Placement is up to the one that personally sponsored the new Karatbars affiliate ) My Karatbars spillover strategy I’m only building my outside legs. ( I’m not filling in the middle for family and friends.  ) Continue reading “Karatbars Spillover” »

  • Gold MLM Opportunity Incentives 2017

Gold MLM Opportunity

Gold MLM Business Looking for a Gold MLM opportunity? A good Gold MLM opportunity you can work from home. I wanted to work from home because I wanted the freedom and income that I deserved.  I was born with a bad case of the three D's. ( Above average Dreams, Desires and Determination) Early

karatbars scam

Is Karatbars A Scam? If you are reading this you probably heard about Karatbars and you are looking for more information.  Maybe you seen just enough to think Karatbars is a pyramid scheme, and you want proof to back it up! You want to warn your followers to stay away from the Karatbars scam. Or,  maybe you have been burned by other illegal ponzi schemes & scams / been involved with other programs that dried up and went away but still have hope of finding something that you can work from home with. Something that’s here to stay. I learned All About Scams In The 80’s I became interested in the “work at home” industry in the 80’s. ( I was in high school)  I lived in the country with retired parents and no chance of odd jobs to earn cash. I had time to learn about working from home. I studied every entrepreneur magazine I could get my hands on! I ended up in several affiliate and network marketing opportunities (eg SMC, Watkins, Amway, Melaleuca) way before Al Gore thought of the internet! I learned legit network marketing companies MUST have a product/service. ( Even better if they manufactured their own) I learned legit network marketing companies MUST have customers and not just affiliates/distributors. I learned there are a lot of advertisers that do not deliver as promised. I learned PRE-LAUNCHES very, very seldom meet expectations. ( 95%+ fail!)  I learned if promoters said “no sponsoring required to earn daily”, it was probably a Ponzi program. ( New investors pay the old investors. Eventually they run out of excuses, drama and new investors! ) I learned what it was like having a shed full of products I couldn’t give away. I learned it takes time to develop your skills/mindset … Even tho the work at home industry tries to sell you with the instant success stories. I learned to stick with one opportunity at a time. ( What happens when you try to catch two rabbits at a time? You miss them both!)  So I learned you better pick a good one! EXAMPLE Of Yet Another Frustrated Person Getting Scammed On The Internet Continue reading “karatbars scam” »

Is Karatbars Legit

Is Karatbars Legit? "Get paid weekly and gold sent to your door".  No Quotas or monthly purchase required.  Karatbars sounds too good to be true!  That's why so many search the internet for "Is Karatbars Legit?" Congratulations! You are on the right path.  I helped approximately 750 people get started! I placed them

Karatbars Sizzle Call

Get your own customized Karatbars sizzle call message & 800 number for only a few dollars a month Refer others and get your Karatbars sizzle call for free. You only get one chance to make a first impression! Custom Karatbars Sizzle Call For Less Than $10 A Month! Karatbars sizzle call alert:

Karatbars BBB

Karatbars BBB The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is in the top 1000 sites visited on the internet that ranks business transactions and gives businesses a rating. The BBB was founded in 1912 and operates in the United States & Canada. ( Not Germany. Where Karatbars is located ) The BBB has collected and made available business reviews for more than four million businesses since 2013. The BBB also helps settle disputes between consumers and businesses. The BBB has helped approximately 900,000 consumers settle disputes since 2013. Continue reading “Karatbars BBB” »

What Is MLM

MLM Is Short For Multi-level marketing Sometimes MLM is called referral marketing, network marketing or pyramid selling.   “Unless there’s a sale, nobody gets paid!”  If you manufacture shoes, you must get the word out that you have shoes for sale!  One non MLM method to get the word out is to buy expensive advertisements and hire an army of salesmen.  Another popular inexpensive way to increase your shoe sales is to offer rewards/commissions to individuals (non-employees) who send you customers interested in your products.  eBay and  Amazon are two widely known companies that reward individuals for helping them generate sales.  What do you call an independent sales person that helps eBay or amazon make sales and collects commissions? An affiliate! Is eBay or Amazon MLM? No. What Is MLM Then? Continue reading “What Is MLM” »