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Self employed since 1990. (Contracting) Found out what it was like to make $1000.00 a day online and never looked back

Karatbars BBB

Karatbars BBB The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is in the top 1000 sites visited on the internet that ranks business transactions and gives businesses a rating. The BBB was founded in 1912 and operates in the United States & Canada. ( Not Germany. Where Karatbars is located ) The BBB has collected and made available business reviews for more than four million businesses since 2013. The BBB also helps settle disputes between consumers and businesses. The BBB has helped approximately 900,000 consumers settle disputes since 2013. Continue reading “Karatbars BBB” »

What Is MLM

MLM Is Short For Multi-level marketing Sometimes MLM is called referral marketing, network marketing or pyramid selling.   “Unless there’s a sale, nobody gets paid!”  If you manufacture shoes, you must get the word out that you have shoes for sale!  One non MLM method to get the word out is to buy expensive advertisements and hire an army of salesmen.  Another popular inexpensive way to increase your shoe sales is to offer rewards/commissions to individuals (non-employees) who send you customers interested in your products.  eBay and  Amazon are two widely known companies that reward individuals for helping them generate sales.  What do you call an independent sales person that helps eBay or amazon make sales and collects commissions? An affiliate! Is eBay or Amazon MLM? No. What Is MLM Then? Continue reading “What Is MLM” »

Affiliate Opportunity In Jamaica

Are You Looking For The Best Affiliate Opportunity Available In Jamaica?   Our affiliate opportunity is Free to join. Largest affiliate team in Jamaica. No monthly fees. No volume requirements to keep your active affiliate status. Registered as an e-commerce company.  No website or back office fees. Our product is money! … In the form of small gold bars that come from LBMA (London bullion market ) accredited refineries. The gold is sealed and protected against fraud with special DNA markings.  (Gold) Savings accounts are free. The gold can easily be liquidated and put on a debit card or later be traded for goods and services at K-exchange centers. Continue reading “Affiliate Opportunity In Jamaica” »

Why Join Karatbars

Why Join Karatbars When There Are So Many Other Opportunities? Joining  Karatbars was the next logical step for me. Before Karatbars I spent over 15 years working as an independent contractor. I had to pay for my own insurance (mostly liability. around 2k per year) and fuel. (Sometimes $60 every other day)  No retirement money set aside. Lots of credit card bills.   I was used to investing time and money to earn and learn. But isn’t that normal life on this planet anyway? Schooling, clothes, transportation “aint” cheep nowadays! ( Ask a parent!) Plus there’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the job/people and day to day grind after the dust settles and the tuition bills start rolling in. I sure wish I still had the money I spent on expenses in the form of Karatbars Gold today! Continue reading “Why Join Karatbars” »

URGENT! Karatbars Announcement June 13

Greetings and Happy Karatbars Payday! The DEADLINE for the Package Upgrade has been extended until next Tuesday, June 17th at Midnight.  This is fantastic news for all of our team that want to preserve as many of their unit bonuses that have piled up beneath their Karatbars Dual Team System. Continue reading “URGENT! Karatbars Announcement June 13” »

Karatbars Paymen Proof

Does Karatbars pay? Show me the money! Ben, After checking multiple websites promoting Karatbars Int., I have yet to see anyone say how much money they are making and how long it took them to get to that level.       Karatbars requests that we do not advertise our personal earnings or show Continue reading “Karatbars Paymen Proof” »

karatbars compensation plan

Karatbars compensation plan for the karatbars affiliate program Karatbars compensation plan The karatbars affiliate program has two pay systems that compensate associates for their efforts. The Karatbars free/basic pay plan  (Unilevel) Affiliates in the Unilevel compensation plan only get paid from the sales made on their first level. (Excluding package sales)  All new affiliates and customers brought in by a free member will be placed on their first level.  Unilevel affiliates are paid  on the 1st of each month. The Karatbars paid pay plan  (Dual Team) Continue reading “karatbars compensation plan” »

Karatbars In Cyprus

Thinking about joining Karatbars in Cyprus? Karatbars in Cyprus and Greece The timing is perfect for someone starting Karatbars in Cyprus.  The new gold money is getting a lot of attention there as well as in Greece.  Karatbars offers a safe place to store your money and they can help you hedge against

Karatbars Gold Pyramid

The Karatbars Pyramid Program I would like to talk about a couple of objections new karatbars affiliates will have to deal with that may trip them up when they are getting started. Are you still promoting the Karatbars Gold pyramid? Not letting objections get you down  is a difficult thing to do when you are first getting started with Karatbars. There will ALWAYS be people out there trying to make us feel like we are wasting our time  and constantly telling us our plan will not work.  The truth of the matter is those types of people are probably not in the quadrant / income bracket you want to be in! Continue reading “Karatbars Gold Pyramid” »