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Self employed since 1990. (Contracting) Found out what it was like to make $1000.00 a day online and never looked back

Karatbars banners

At this time Karatbars does not provide us with any banners. However you can check with your up line to see which banners they use and what one works best. I made  a few banners for my team. ( and splash pages )  I often target those in the HYIP  industry. ( at least they

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Where’s the best place to put your new Karatbar referrals?

Karatbar referral placement. Earlier today I was speaking with a Karatbars referral who thought it was a good idea to place all new referrals under your "ace" in whichever leg you are building.   I like building straight down and letting them all know 1/2 of their Karatbars business is being built for them and try

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