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*Important Update / overview.  Karatbars has raised the bar for all Gold MLM opportunities. I started in 2012 and personally sponsored over 1200 people into the Gold business!  The company became the world leader in supplying gold in small increments.  To facilitate even greater expansion, Sept 10/ 20/20 Karatbars switched from dealing with the customers and affiliates directly to another model.  The pay-plan still can’t be beat. No package needed to earn in the dual system. No monthly purchase/sales volume requirements. More to offer. 100% gold backed crypto available soon. Earn for life from “birthing” the Gold crypto. (I’m giving some away to the next selected  10 people… so register & do your KYC now!)  More details:  Gold Standard Presentation

gold mlm everLooking for the best Gold MLM opportunity?

A good Gold MLM opportunity you can work from home.

Gold MLM OpportunityI wanted to work from home because I wanted the freedom and income that I deserved.  I was born with a bad case of the three D’s. ( Above average Dreams, Desires and Determination) Early on I got a taste of early financial independence with an MLM opportunity that let me experience free time/money for travel, more time for the kids and grandchildren. I could even sleep in late, take a day trip,  go out for dinner, and still have a few hours for productive work before I had to go to bed. I know what it feels like to discover an extra $1000 in your account when you wake up in the morning. I reached a point in my life where I wanted more gold for security reasons and a new income stream.  So I took a good long hard look at what was out there to figure out which was the best Gold MLM opportunity for me.

Gold MLM Opportunities Have Come A Long Way

The internet has dramatically improved customer & member support.  Relationship & income  building with MLM associates can now be accomplished with systems and technologies that were never before available.

Did you know MLM opportunities started in the fifties with networking companies that sold nutritional supplements, soups, and makeup?  I got in on the MLM opportunity boom in the 80’s  with Amway.  Nu Skin was also popular along with Meluka, long-distance services, insurance companies, discount services and other health related products. As the internet became more popular, there were vast improvements that dramatically helped the masses of people in the network marketing industry.

MLM Opportunities + Internet = Kilos Of Gold In Your Vault

By combining MLM with the internet anyone in the world can start their own home business. There’s many ways to earn in today’s MLM opportunities. You can earn from direct sales, from your referrals, for their referrals, from pool shares, performance bonuses and so on. Within a few days, weeks, months or years …  you and your team could develop an automatic weekly/monthly income.

Your Own Hands Free Gold MLM Business

Gold Network Marketing ProgramYou don’t have the same overhead if you earn at home with an MLM opportunity as you do with a traditional business. Your customers & recruits can also come from friends telling other friends.  My favorite gold MLM opportunity does not require us to stock inventory, we do not handle any of the customer’s money or orders,  we do not worry about receivables, the gold is delivered for us. I don’t even have to meet the customers.


Gold MLM Business Scam Alerts

There have been many reports on dishonest MLM opportunities over the years, but the majority of mainstream multi level companies conduct business legally with few complaints.dlrvsgld

New Gold MLM opportunity VS Old Gold Opportunity

Depending on your experience/risk tolerance, you may tend to lean more  toward an MLM opportunity that’s already established … You’ll be more comfortable with an MLM business that’s already over the initial “hump” … You may only be interested in a networking company with a proven successful track record.  Or, you may be a high risk taker that’s seeking a new MLM company with little or no foundation that offers the “latest and greatest gold MLM opportunity”. You may only want an MLM program that no one has ever heard of before.

ALL NEW COMPANY THRILL SEEKERS NEED TO BE WARNED.  Most MLM scams are NEW. They are “here today and gone tomorrow”. You may very well find yourself unwittingly supporting a ponzi scheme and facing clawbacks. Career scammers have gotten very good at setting up fly by night websites that are only up a few months then gone in the night. Also, most new net workers fail to realize that new MLM companies are prone to the same failure rates as any other business. (98% fail to make it past 2 years).  And finally, what happens when what’s new and hot .. is not?  Personally, If I join a company that’s practicing the multi level model, I prefer that they have a solid foundation … because I’m in it to win it. (I prefer years of uninterrupted automatic pay versus a flash in the pan scam)

Gold MLM Opportunity MembersThe Most Sought After Gold MLM opportunity



There are plenty of new gold MLM opportunities being created each year to choose from. But there’s only one that’s light years ahead of the rest in my opinion. Some of the finer points I carefully considered as I checked out the latest gold MLM opportunities:
1)  Features, quality and uniqueness of the gold. (Not all gold is created equal)  Not all gold has the 4 nines. Not all gold comes from LBMA accredited refineries. Not all gold is counterfeit proof. (With tamper-proof protection & certificate of authenticity) Not all gold comes with an assayers signature.
2) A  generous pay plan with both inexpensive and high ticket packages/items. Pay plan that lets free members earn and keep their free spot without paying.
3) I don’t like to jump through hoops to get paid. ( Meet sales/personal volume quotas to qualify for your commissions)
4) I prefer to only partner with an MLM company that had their gold products tested for quality and highly sought after by customers, gold dealers & experts.
5) I prefer no membership fees/yearly membership fees.
6) Free gold storage. Deliverable and convertible into any currency at any time.
7) I wanted a full time sponsor I could call if I had a question or wanted to do a three way call with day or night. I like to work with people I can brainstorm with and learn from.

Smart Way To Get Your Gold MLM opportunity Off The Ground

With so many gold MLM opportunities with outrageous income claims to look at, it’s hard for newbies to keep their wits in the MLM industry. At least when they do get involved in a gold MLM business they can do so on a part time basis. That’s a smart move for anyone considering self employment. Hanging onto your job for a while will help pay the bills and buy some time to get your gold business off the ground. Also by keeping your job in the corporate world, you can invite them to check out your gold MLM opportunity.

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Gold-MLM opportunity details



+No Gold Auto ships        +No Monthly/Yearly Fee
+Free Registration            +No Direct Selling
+No unit Flushing             +No Level Maximum
+Free Affiliate Website    +Paid In Cash And Gold
+Licensing with Vatican  +Investigated by consumer protection

secure gold mlm opportunity

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I came to the conclusion a long time ago that it makes loads more financial sense for those interested in MLM to acquire appreciating assets (GOLD)  instead of traditional MLM products that  get eaten/consumed … Because with consumable products you end up with nothing to show for your hard earned money except empty boxes/ wrappers! And after another year has gone buy your dollars buy even less.  Instead, with gold … month after month you could be acquiring an appreciating asset and increasing your net worth by adding assets to your balance sheet.

Gold MLM Opportunity Update
ALL Karatbars affiliates have moved to another program / location. We still acquire gold from Karatbars … but no longer need to acquire a package to make outrageous amounts of money ( in the Dual System. ) It’s still free to join. No purchase required to save your spot. “It doesn’t make sense to hesitate”. Click here to lock in your position and be part of the LAUnCH.