The wealthy in America think differently

Did you know the rich people in America seldom work hard for their money?  They don’t work for a salary or hourly wage.  The wealthy in America would rather spend their money to generate more business or to increase their assets.  This is a strange way of thinking for those who have traded the time in their lives for money.  The middle class and poor tend to acquire more liabilities with their money.  The middle class in America thinks  a better paying job or a raise will solve all their financial worries.

Acquiring the things that make you more money is how to be wealthy in America

Wealthy Americans use leverage to get the most out of their time and money.  The rich remain rich by generating income through sources that don’t require their presence. A businesses that require constant attention is just another  job.

How to leverage your time and be wealthy in USA:

The wealthy in America pay less taxes

Those who have figured out how to be wealthy in America also pay less in taxes.  The rich thrive on different spending and tax cycles.
First the Wealthy in America Invest, then they earn, spend and then pay their taxes.  The middle class and poor work for the wealthy people in the US then,  get paid for their time, pay their taxes and then buy none income generating things.

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