is karatbars legit

Is Karatbars Legit?

“Get paid weekly and gold sent to your door”.  No Quotas or monthly purchase required.  Karatbars sounds too good to be true!  That’s why so many search the internet for Is Karatbars Legit?”

Congratulations! You are on the right path.  I helped approximately 750 people get started! I placed them in two straight lines down. Those who get in first stand to benefit more.

Please note. Karatbars is not on trial! They have a stellar 5 year track record.  Personally I would be asking the internet “Are 401Ks legit?” Or,  will my retirement funds get withheld/confiscated? (Bail-ins)

A question I’m always asking:  Do you keep your income options open?  Some friends say: “Thanks for asking.  I’m all set.  I only work 5 days a week and get Saturday and Sunday off.  I averaged $80,000 with bonuses and never have to work up a sweat or worry about it.  I might then respond with: That sounds great! Are you also preserving some of your money in form of Gold?
They may say something like: My Roth is maturing in 2018 for $280,000, and I’m comfortable with where I’m at. My response? Awesome! Sounds like you are good!

Will it be worth your time to explain his money will be WORTH-LESS?  We know those who have all their trust in the big banks and the stock markets are in serious jeopardy, and many are just not open to anything different. We are just sorting and it’s not about  convincing. If they don’t think Karatbars is Legit   we have to move on. That’s what our job is!

“Gold anchors us to value. Karatbars gives us something tangible to appreciate and understand. When we got introduced to floating paper currency, everyone lost touch with our physical connection to value and the hard realities of economics. We mindlessly chased growth, built mountains of debt and now that dollars have become bits and bytes, we’ve constructed an economic house of cards on a foundation of imaginary wealth that will inevitably topple. Whether we return to the gold standard may be an academic argument, but the 1200lb gorilla of debt we face is very real and our beat down is imminent. The system needs to evolve again.”

Is Karatbars Legit

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