Karatbars BBB

karatbars_BBBThe BBB (Better Business Bureau) is in the top 1000 sites visited on the internet that ranks business transactions and gives businesses a rating. The BBB was founded in 1912 and operates in the United States & Canada. ( Not Germany. Where Karatbars is located ) The BBB has collected and made available business reviews for more than four million businesses since 2013.

The BBB also helps settle disputes between consumers and businesses. The BBB has helped approximately 900,000 consumers settle disputes since 2013.

The Better Business Bureau is not run by the government. It is a private organization and there has been controversy over their rating system. Claims have been made that the business that pay a membership fee get a higher rating. The Better Business Bureau disputes this accusation.

Karatbars BBB Listing

Karatbars international is not listed with the BBB because Karatbars is a German based business. The consumer protection organization in Germany is much more strict. It is much harder to start a business in Germany, especially finance or precious metals. In Germany the BDS (Bund der Sparer ) investigates & audits the businesses unlike the BBB. ( The BBB waits for reviews)

I joined Karatbars In 2012 and introduced approximately 1080 people via the internet. They invited approximately 10000 more that setup free accounts with no obligations. During this time I received no serious complaints from my contacts/team. The products are very high quality ( The gold has been tested) and the service I received has been beyond what I expected.

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