Thinking about joining Karatbars in Cyprus?

karatbars in cyprus

Karatbars in Cyprus and Greece

The timing is perfect for someone starting Karatbars in Cyprus.  The new gold money is getting a lot of attention there as well as in Greece.  Karatbars offers a safe place to store your money and they can help you hedge against the falling dollar as well as pay you weekly in the process.  Why say no to that?

Karatbars was not open to do business with Greece or Cyprus when I joined.  However, after I found a very motivated referral there who went out and got 20 Karatbars associates right away, Karatbars international did what was necessary to insure 100% guaranteed delivery and storage for those in Greece and Cyprus.

Haris owns an online teaching business, has kids, bills like the rest of us and hires teachers. He is very passionate about building his Karatbars business in Cyprus and travels from city to city doing presentations.  He said he doesn’t care if there is two or ten, he gets excited telling them about Karatbars.

If you live in Cyprus or Greece and are looking to join Karatbars with someone you can work with, I highly recommend contacting Haris and joining karatbars with him.

Join Karatbars with Haris in Cyprus

It’s free to enroll in Karatbars.  It’s also quick and easy too. Tell Haris Ben sent you if you are in Greece or Cyprus.