Does Karatbars pay? Show me the money!

After checking multiple websites promoting Karatbars Int., I have yet to see anyone say how much money they are making and how long it took them to get to that level.





Karatbars requests that we do not advertise our personal earnings or show
others  how much we make per week/month. ( I have been in other affiliate programs that didn’t want us to promote that way either. No big deal. )

Example of our earnings.  As a VIP I get 20% when a VIP package is sold ($400) and I also get to cycle a couple of times ( that’s another $200 ) I have done this enough times to know they pay on time.  That’s what really matters the most right?   I think they have an extremely generous pay plan.

How it worked out for me.  (Results depends solely on your efforts … not how much I make/made!) I found 300 affiliates.  They brought in another 3000 over the next year.

Remember: All we need is 2 good people.  One on the left and one on the right.  Also,  the Karatbars 12 week plan is just that.  A Plan.  Most take longer and some do it sooner.  24 days is the best I know of.  A 20 something year old went from broke to VIP in 24 days.  The key is stick to it and try not to outsmart the system/cut corners.

Just for fun, keep an eye on the programs that allow affiliates to show proof of income.  Mark your calender and note  how long they last!  ( I noticed bragging about earned income is a common thing with short term programs, HYIPs and MLM. It’s a great way to get the wrong kind of attention/end up spending time backing up all the wild claims )

Wishing you GREAT success!

How did I get my referrals?  Mostly from this sales page: Join Karatbars Now