The Karatbars Pyramid Program

I would like to talk about a couple of objections new karatbars affiliates will have to deal with that may trip them up when they are getting started.

pyramid program

Are you still promoting the Karatbars Gold pyramid?

Not letting objections get you down  is a difficult thing to do when you are first getting started with Karatbars. There will ALWAYS be people out there trying to make us feel like we are wasting our time  and constantly telling us our plan will not work.  The truth of the matter is those types of people are probably not in the quadrant / income bracket you want to be in!

Have you been asked if Karatbars is a pyramid?

Sometimes I like to have fun with the Karatbars pyramid question and  say, well …you mean like  the place you work for?  Ask them if they are  a part of a pyramid scheme.  Let them think about it.  Or,  (WITH A  SMILE),  are we playing a shape  guessing game.  Then mention “you know pyramids are illegal…right?”

Have fun with the Karatbars pyramid scheme objection,  (But don’t argue!) You will gain confidence  by learning more about Karatbars and working with your upline. The webinars will give you the knowledge you need to handle objections, by engaging with fellow successful Karatbars members you will get the confidence to go places other types of people will NEVER go.

Anything that is legal and organized is going to have  the shape of a pyramid when it is drawn out.  Check it out, if you want to talk about a pyramid, then I would have to say that most  jobs line  up with a pyramid way more than Karatbars does.   The boss (owner) is at the top, then President, vice president,
secretary below them, treasurer below them, then the janitor…    And what company pays the janitor MORE than the CEO?

In order for a business to be legit, it has to exchange products or services  for money just like Karatbars does. The illegal pyramid schemes don’t.   They take your money and then try and get money from new members, then those new people do that same thing hoping to  get many others to repeat the process, and nothing of real value is ever traded for the money invested. Those programs are the illegal pyramids schemes  that we need to watch out for.

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