Where To Register With Karatbars?

Are you trying to register with Karatbars?

Karatbars RegistrationIn order to become a Karatbars affiliate you must first register with Karatbars.  When you Register you are given the option to be an affiliate or customer. By choosing affiliate you are actually saving a few steps when you register with Karatbars.

Karatbars associates are also customers. Many ask me during registration if they should select customer or affiliate. If you want to get paid for telling others about karatbars you should select affiliate during Karatbars Registration. If you only want to buy gold and you are not interested in getting paid weekly or getting free gold for telling two others then you should select customer during karatbars registration.

The abbreviation KYC is also mentioned during the Karatbars registration. KYC is short for Know your customer. You are asked to provide proof of you identity during as you complete the Karatbars Registration. If you don’t have documentation handy you can still continue setting up your account and upload the information later.

To get to the Karatbars Registration page click on the registration button and you will then see a karatbars registration guide.

Karatbars registration button