Is Karatbars A Scam?

Karatbars _ScamIf you are reading this you probably heard about Karatbars and you are looking for more information.  Maybe you seen just enough to think Karatbars is a pyramid scheme, and you want proof to back it up! You want to warn your followers to stay away from the Karatbars scam. Or,  maybe you have been burned by other illegal ponzi schemes & scams / been involved with other programs that dried up and went away but still have hope of finding something that you can work from home with. Something that’s here to stay.

I learned All About Scams In The 80’s

I became interested in the “work at home” industry in the 80’s. ( I was in high school)  I lived in the country with retired parents and no chance of odd jobs to earn cash. I had time to learn about working from home. I studied every entrepreneur magazine I could get my hands on! I ended up in several affiliate and network marketing opportunities (eg SMC, Watkins, Amway, Melaleuca) way before Al Gore thought of the internet!

I learned legit network marketing companies MUST have a product/service. ( Even better if they manufactured their own) I learned legit network marketing companies MUST have customers and not just affiliates/distributors. I learned there are a lot of advertisers that do not deliver as promised. I learned PRE-LAUNCHES very, very seldom meet expectations. ( 95%+ fail!)  I learned if promoters said “no sponsoring required to earn daily”, it was probably a Ponzi program. ( New investors pay the old investors. Eventually they run out of excuses, drama and new investors! ) I learned what it was like having a shed full of products I couldn’t give away. I learned it takes time to develop your skills/mindset … Even tho the work at home industry tries to sell you with the instant success stories. I learned to stick with one opportunity at a time. ( What happens when you try to catch two rabbits at a time? You miss them both!)  So I learned you better pick a good one!

EXAMPLE Of Yet Another Frustrated Person Getting Scammed On The InternetInternet_scams
Karatbars Scam Investigation

I don’t have to go far to find a scam. Just open my inbox! So when I first looked at Karatbars:
– I wanted to know if the owner had a history of running scams. ( One MLM company or PONZI SCHEME after another? ) No. Harald Seiz has a background in finance. He knew he could better serve his customers by getting them to exchange some of their hard earned money into gold, rather than continue his traditional career of selling financial instruments for other companies. (That may end up not worth the paper they were written on?)  He put his heart and soul into Karatbars including 3 million of his own dollars!
– Was he hiding?  No. Many money making scams tend to hide their identity, their location and their phone numbers.  ( I have called before and found them to be very polite and helpful) By the way, scams don’t have huge events like Karatbars does.
– What about the product?  The gold can’t be bested. It’s from (LBMA) accredited refineries. (The London bullion market association Guarantees weight and purity) It’s not easy for refineries to get on the LBMA list either. (4 years)  There will never be 25k gold.  There’s other gold sellers with products that look similar to Karatbars, but they do not have the same security, free storage, or spend-ability.  Amazing packaging and quality. They don’t make junk in Germany.
– Karatbars pricing.  Their price beats competitors price most of the time. When comparing apples to apples. But none of the others have the same security & benefits. I like the opportunity to acquire Gold without using out of pocket money or credit.  Have you ever tried alternative ways to acquire gold?  I bought a $700 metal detector and wasn’t able to find any! Many try panning for it or digging it with huge excavators trammels.  To me, you can’t beat free bonus gold and the zero cost for your gold business.

Karatbars is NOT for short term traders/investors!
(Although I used to be a day trader. I had to take a step back and look at the big picture) Here’s a chart
in my old trading platform (Tradestation) showing a monthly bar and daily price bar.  The spot price of gold
goes up and down by the second/ day/ week/ month etc. You can get hung upon the fact that Karatbars will
not sell you their gold for what they paid for it .. or you could go ahead and use cost averaging and maybe get a better price than today’s.  Nothing goes straight up forever.  Dollar cost averaging is a technique of buying a fixed dollar amount of a particular asset/investment on a regular schedule. You can auto save gold weekly/monthly with Karatbars. Rewards program for those who help spread the word. (Cash, Gold, Cars, Trips, Villa built for you in location of your choice )
KbGold Average

By the way, when I traded, I didn’t know there wasn’t enough gold in
existence to back up all the trades going on. The Volume. The shorts. Totally BOGUS!
Look it up. Also when currencies crash (Like in Germany 2 times) Spot Price has
nothing to do with the value of Gold in your hand.  Only problem is proving weight
and purity of your gold. That’s what Karatbars specializes in.


Let’s not forget that collector cards are a billion dollar industry. Above is the Karatbars Pope John Paul II card made
by special arrangement with the Vatican. Karatbars makes custom cards for special occasions and business cards.
Karatbars can have as little as 1/10 Gram of gold embedded in them. (Affordable)

– What about the market? It’s huge. Gold gains in value when the dollar buys less. ( Eg: each year our dollars buy less groceries & gold because of inflation. In case you didn’t hear, Gold is a hedge against inflation) And printed money is designed to lose it’s value. (Money with nothing backing it is called fiat currency)  Smart people protect their money/labor with Gold. Germany’s money became worthless 2 times in the last 100 years. Harald Seiz knew people who lost everything when that happened. (Made me think. Is the overprinting of money a GLOBAL scam?)
– What about Karatbars being in Germany? Is that A good thing? I remember talking to someone about Karatbars. They said they didn’t want to get involved with a (online) money making opportunity from the US. I said no,  Karatbars isn’t from the US, they are from Germany!  They said OH .. “That changes everything!”.  Germany tops the list when it comes to consumer protection. Businesses there are investigated from the get go. ( Not a Google search. REAL investigators)  Especially businesses dealing with finance or precious metals.
– More credibility.  They have a partnership with the Vatican, (The Vatican can Identify REAL gold!) and a partnership with FedEx and MasterCard. Of course FedEx will not willingly do business with anyone committing mail fraud and MasterCard will not aid corrupt businesses involved in wire fraud.

I saw the products. Met the people involved. Felt the excitement … and got involved in 2012. I have introduced hundreds of people that turned into thousands. With no serious complaints.

This is what a pyramid scam looks like to me


With Karatbars, You can join at the bottom and earn more than the person who brought you in!
I’m Pretty sure I did!
Many people get the Pyramid image printed on their brain and never think of that!  – Guess what, nobody ever gets a job at the top and starts out earning more than the owner.  And few will ever make it to the top of the ladder in the “real world”.  Same goes for golf players. Agree?

There Will Never Be A Better Time
New people are joining all the time and more countries are openiing up (120+)


Position yourself to earn from those placed below you.

For more information and 100euro bonus, register below and have a look around. Accounts are free
and you do not have to buy gold each month to be eligible to receive commissions.


 Is Karatbars Perfect? No

Karatbars is not for everyone. (Especially short term investors) In fact not everybody gets accepted. (KYC) Do something to protect your financial future now or not, either way our Karatbars team wishes you nothing but great success!

I have done the best I could do!
If you like what you see and hear I can help you get started.
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