Karatbars Spillover

What is spillover? Signups from this website could be placed below you TODAY. Cool right? In the Karatbars Dual System, we can only have two legs down. If you sponsor more than two, they have to go somewhere tho right? Note* We also have placement options in our Karatbars back office that permits us to place them where we want. ( For example, we can build a spouse’s left or right leg ) The Karatbars placement setting is automatic by default. That means the karatbars system will place new members equally on each side as I bring them in. ( Single line down on right or left. I can place personally sponsored only. I cannot place those that came from my up line to the left or the right. Placement is up to the one that personally sponsored the new Karatbars affiliate ) My Karatbars spillover strategy I’m only building my outside legs. ( I’m not filling in the middle for family and friends.  ) Continue reading “Karatbars Spillover” »