The main adjustments to the New Karatbars Payplan essentially boosts the unilevel compensation while keeping the dual team commission structure.

1. Direct commissions for all packages holders in the new karatbars payplan will be changed from 5%-20% to 10% on personally sponsored buying packages. What is added is that we will also get 3% on second generation package purchases (those who buy packages from our direct sponsored) and 2% on third generation packages purchases. Note that before, we got no direct commissions when persons on 2nd and 3rd generation bought packages. So this is new.

2. We also get 5% of the commissions earned (not purchases made) from 2 to 7 generations based on package held (Bronze 2, Silver 4, Gold 5, VIP 7) In the new Karatbars payplan. This matching bonus is paid weekly.

3. Unilevel points only apply to classic gold products, not cashgold In the new Karatbars payplan.

4. Cycle payouts adjusted.
Bronze – €40
Silver – €50
Gold – €60 (same)
VIP – €80 (same)

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