Greetings and Happy Karatbars Payday!

The DEADLINE for the Package Upgrade has been extended until next Tuesday, June 17th at Midnight.  This is fantastic news for all of our team that want to preserve as many of their unit bonuses that have piled up beneath their Karatbars Dual Team System.

There are many who have literally thousands of unredeemed units below them that simply represent hundreds, even thousands of dollars in potential earnings just “sitting” there waiting for you to redeem them by simply starting to introduce new members on the side  you need to create the required units to trigger the Dual Team Payout .

If you have not done so yet, please log into your Karatbars Back Office and check out for yourself how many units you have under you right now and get upgraded to Gold or VIP by no later than midnight this coming Tuesday.

If you have not read the most recent Karatbars Newsletter please login to your back office at then go to the “General” section and click on “Newsletter Archives”  and review the newsletter for June 4th.