Why Join Karatbars When There Are So Many Other Opportunities?

Joining  Karatbars was the next logical step for me.

Why Join KaratbarsBefore Karatbars I spent over 15 years working as an independent contractor. I had to pay for my own insurance (mostly liability. around 2k per year) and fuel. (Sometimes $60 every other day)  No retirement money set aside. Lots of credit card bills.   I was used to investing time and money to earn and learn. But isn’t that normal life on this planet anyway? Schooling, clothes, transportation “aint” cheep nowadays! ( Ask a parent!) Plus there’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the job/people and day to day grind after the dust settles and the tuition bills start rolling in.

I sure wish I still had the money I spent on expenses in the form of Karatbars Gold today!

Karatbars income – like Mailbox Money

What I saw growing up was Mom and Dad receiving mailbox money! ( They were retired … and they had me later in their life)  It used to be a big joke around the house because the idea of receiving my own “mailbox money” got me excited.  Dad said “you got to go to work first son!”  In other words, Perform a task and then get paid!  Thing is some tasks pay you one time and other tasks like being a karatbars affiliate can pay you a lifetime. Later I learned about how singers, songwriters and insurance salesmen received mailbox money. ( residual income)  I couldn’t see myself doing any of those things, but thought network marketing might be just what I was looking for!

Amway, Melaleuca,  GDI, SFI, GVO, Investing Programs Oh My!

I really really wanted a long term residual income so I gave the most popular networking programs my best! I knew there had to be a unique product involved and I also learned  HYIP / gifting programs are illegal in most states.  Amway was exciting with the meetings and upline support. Learning websites with GDI GVO brought in lots of signups. But many got left hanging and gave up!

Tips & Member Quotes

"There's a lot of change is happening in the financial world. We are on the cusp of yet another recession/depression. This is now even widely acknowledged in main stream circles, so there is no doubt it will happen relatively soon. During this phase of transition in our opinion, we have a fairly small window of opportunity to get this right. To move forward with an honest and stable money system for the future. That is the reason why we passionately support Harald's vision. It is not to criticize any you in person, but just because I believe if we do not get it right within this period of transition we may not get a second chance again. I hope you can all agree with the importance of that. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week next week in which you will meet many like minded people who also all seek financial freedom."

Why Join Karatbars? For Security & To Get Wealthy

The Karatbars product is “wealth protection”.  Not an investment,  drink or soap with a high markup and expiration date. I have had some networking products left over I couldn’t even give away! Everybody knows that gold has real value … and not just in this country .. (don’t forget that! )

While making websites and testing affiliate offers, I noticed “Investing” is a hot niche. But most “investing programs” online are illegal and are designed to make “them” rich and not us.

I watched many of them come and go with loads of drama. Sure they convince the mases they are legit and will pay forever. But can you call them? What’s their REAL address? 98% end up being short term and promoters can be ordered to pay back what they  made (Claw backs for ill gotten gains.. Like with Zeekler) .. so I’m not interested.

When I joined Karatbars I got the chance to build straight down … Packing excitement around the new Karatbars members … because there are no “levels”. That’s right we get paid unlimited levels down! I didn’t understand how that was even possible at first. You see it’s based on units on each side  but NOT like the traditional binary comp plans that rob you!
Why join the Karatbars program

Having someone I could call any time of the day was also impotent to me.
Now as they were available for me … I do my best to be available to new members!
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