Best Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

Five Reasons Why KBC May Be The Best Gold Backed Cryptocurrency In 2018


Crypto trading is a  complex and  risky business.  Even buying and selling traditional assets like stocks, futures, real estate or owning a 401k can send you to the hospital! (See image to the left)

Crypto-currencie trading is trickier than traditional investing because of the tremendous speed at which projects are developed. But they often lack   credibility/a success record.  Compounded the unrest we watch the icon of all cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) tumbles by almost 80% in 2018.

Cryptocurrencies Still Remain One Of The Most Profitable Areas For Investors

Three key points for selecting the best cryptocurrencies are: #1 Careful consideration of the projects. #2 Their track record. #3 Functionality of the  cryptocurrency.

We feel Karat Gold Coin (KBC) is the best gold backed cryptocurrency in the world for the following reasons:

The Best Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Reason #1

KBC was created by one of the most successful Gold eCommerce company in the world. Karatbars International is located in Stuttgart Germany which has the most stringent financial regulations in the financial industry. Karatbars has has a flawless trackrecord delivering physical gold to 120+ countries and storing it for free since 2011.  Karatbars has a customer base of over half a million.  In 2018 The Karatbars CEO founded KaratCoin Bank, which is the world’s first cryptocurrency bank located in Florida (USA)

The Best Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Reason #2

The number of countries experiencing financial crises is on the rise and a the huge Global Debt is steering investors into a time proven store of value. Gold has has been used for a store of wealth for 5000+ years and has always kept it’s value better than government printed money. Gold will most likely increase in value for the next thousand years!

The Best Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Reason #3

KBC completed the most successful cryptocurrency ICOs launch in history. The KBC project collected more than $100 million and then bought a goldmine in Madagascar.  The mine’s reserves are approximately $900 million dollars. (Producing 6 kilo per week now)  KBC will also be traded on their own crypto exchange and be integrated with the global KARATPAY (gold) payment system. KBC is closing in on their target of $500 million in market  capitalization.

The Best Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Reason #4

You can use your gold backed cryptocurrency to purchase goods& services. KBC made a deal with several banks and ordered 20,000 ATMS! Or you can convert your KBCs to gold ingots and have them delivered to your door FedEx insured. In other words,  in addition to being able to hedge against inflation you can use the cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

The Best Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Reason #5

Growth potential. KBC’s cryptocurrency has been well perceived in the cryptocurrency community and is building confidence. “We have the backing and the goldmines” The CEO announced

100 KBC = 1g gold
on Independence Day, 4th of July 2019

superior gold backed crypto

best gold cryptocurrency

What does 1g for 100 KBC mean to you?
It means each gold backed crypto coin will be worth .40!
(News hasn’t hit the general public yet. It’s Trading under .02 now)

**Update HSBC, Bank of China & the Alianz Group wants in and
they are commuting 70,000 kilos to the physical gold pool.
(2.5 billion in gold)

What’s the best way to acquire KBC Coins?
Tip#1  You can buy them on the exchanges but you often get good deals and sometimes double the coins if you use cashgold to purchase KBCs from the original company (Karatbars)
Click here to setup a free karatbars affiliate/get cashgold/open a gold savings account ( You can also earn gold & weekly residual income as a reward for telling others)

Tip#2 Karatbars setup a sister site / coin (KCB) that backs the technology involved. (The exchange, crypto phone, digital stock exchange etc) It’s pre ICO and they are currently offering Bundles of KBC & KCB coins to early birds. ( Your chance to stand at the plate and hit a home run!) Click here to get a good deal on The Best Gold Backed Cryptocurrency By invitation only. The link is my invitation to you because you read this post! (My username is “reply”)

Karatbars Eco System explained. (The Gold, The Banks, KBC. KCB the exchange and partners)

Thinking about joining the gold cash flow system and stacking crypto gold? Follow the above links. I’m available if you have questions first.


**When we talk about physical gold/cashgold we are referencing  When we talk about Crypto / ICO we are referencing We can not correctly say Karatbars coins or Karatbars ico because has no crypto coins and they never had an ICO. ( You may see “Karatbars coins” & “Karatbars ICO”  mentioned within Because …. Karatbars coins and Karatbars Crypto are what people are searching for! We hope they’ll see this notice and it will help them sort out the Karatbars eco system