Karatbars ICO In A Nutshell & Updates

Karatbars icoAbout Karatbars
Karatbars is an e commerce company that has been in business since 2011.
They became a world leader in securing and distributing gold in small increments. (1/10 of gram to 6 grams)

    • Highest grade gold in the world GUARANTEED999.9 grade gold from the small list of LBMA qualified refineries.
  • The gold is embedded in tamper proof credit sized cards / dollar bill sized (laminated) paper.
  • As little as $5 increments (physical) Smaller increments digital ( Digital for use online)
  • Lucrative pay plan for those interested in the business side of Karatbars. (Become an affiliate for free / no obligations)

karatbars ICOs Backed By Gold

Karatbars subsidiary company launched 1 record setting ico in 2018. (KBC)
Another ico is planned (sister company) in 2019. (KCB)

The KBC karatbars ICO was all about a gold backed cryptocurrency.
-12 billion coins were released in February and sold old
-The KBC cryptocurrency is now listed in multiple crypto exchanges.
-KBC is trading under .02 today and is expected to have enough gold to back it to bring the price up to .40 by July 2019

The KCB karatbars ICO is going to be all about the technology.
– Connected with the worlds first blockchain crypto bank. ( Located in USA, Florida)
– New block chain technology and opportunity to earn.
– Encrypted cell phone that works like a hard wallet.
– Our own crypto exchange. ( Exchanges bring in billions. Profits will be shared with investors/affiliates )
Karatbank coin price is expected to .14

Karatbars explanation of The Karatbars Eco System / Karatbars Universe

karatbars ico explained

karatbars ico promotion

PROMOTION Get an additional 60% in KBC tokens until November 25th, 2018 at noon CET.

Karatbars Registration Guide & Bonus

 Karatbars Team Going Over The ICO And Karatbars ICO Updates

*Karatbars ICO Tips.

1) During the KCB ICO Karatbars Affiliates should not use karatcoinbank.com. (karatcoinbank is for customers)
Karatgold.sg is the site for affiliate. ( Same login info as karatbars.com )
2)  A Typical way to get into the Karatbars ICO (To get most bonuses/benefits) is to #1 Purchase cashgold at Karatbars # Load it
into your wallet. 3. Go to the site in the Karatbars eco system that is having the special and use the cash gold.
(Eg: the karatbars exchange or karatgold sg)
3)What is a unival?  1 unival is 0.1g of cashgold. 10 unival is 1 gram of cashgold.
4) Why use cashgold for the Karatbars International ICO? Because most Visa/Mastercard credit cards block purchases having anything to do with crypto. But they will not block you from buying cashgold. (Major reason why crypto lovers will be drawn to our karatbars ecosystem)
5) Setup a myther wallet and secure your passwords.  ( https://www.myetherwallet.com )  Used until the Karatbars eco system is 100% in place.

How To Purchase The KCB KBC Combo Packs

Open 2 tabs on your computer

karatbars.com ( Where you acquire Karatpay / Univals)
Karatgold.sg   ( Where the KBC KCB coins / packaes are )

In Karatgold.sg you will want to place the order for the Combo package you choose… follow the check out and choose KaratPay for your payment option.

On the last page (prior to clicking on “Pay Now”
The system will calculate the exact amount of Univals you need to complete the purchase.

Now… go to Karatbars.com — Purchase the amount of Univals needed….
1 unival = one tenth of a gram /
10 univals = 1 full gram

Complete purchase and check out.

Click on KaratPay tab at the top and transfer Univals into your Karatpay wallet.

Go back to the tab you have open for Karatgold.sg and click Pay Now to complete the purchase of the Combo package..

You will authorize the KaratPay account you wish to have the univals deducted from.

You do not need to have a MEW set up but it is recommended.

If you have not attached your MEW, the coins will be stored on the dashboard

Click Here To Become a Karatbars affiliate. Registration with karatbars is absolutely free with no obligations.
– Same login as Karatgold.sg (linked accounts)
– Earn “free gold” & weekly pay for letting two like minded people into our eco system.
– Get karatbar ICO bonus and discounts.

If you have any questions please email balex@epix.net
or text/call/whatsapp  570 721 2316
Or Skype – benatbesavy
Ben Alexander USA Pa


**When we talk about physical gold/cashgold we are referencing Karatbars.com.  When we talk about Crypto / ICO we are referencing Karatgold.sg. We can not correctly say Karatbars coins or Karatbars ico because Karatbars.com has no crypto coins and they never had an ICO. ( You may see “Karatbars coins” & “Karatbars ICO”  mentioned within kbgoldintro.com. Because …. Karatbars coins and Karatbars Crypto are what people are searching for! We hope they’ll see this notice and it will help them sort out the Karatbars eco system

Karatbars KBC/ KCB Testimonial

From a fellow long term Karatbars associate

“I started in Karatbars in 2010, when there was no name and no website. Was it easy, no! I have come and gone a number of times myself because it was too hard at the time and my husband and I were under huge stress to rent a home and have food for the table.”

I signed up and started with a no name company after hearing one phone call by a dear friend even before there was anything at all. I am one of the written numbers on a page before there was a spreadsheet.

I started with Karatbars International after losing $2 million to bank and credit fraud by a too big to fail or jail bank.

That loss was 32 years of work by my husband and me! Everything was taken by the bank’s greed by destroying our credit on purpose to take a building we had purchased for my financial planning business. It has taken 10 years to stabilize from that corruption and the losses. My husband works 50 hours a week as a heavy equipment mechanic at the age of 66 because it is what he must do to keep a roof over our heads. What I am doing with Karatgold is buying as many coins as I can to be able to rebuild what was taken from us so he can retire someday. His body and health can only take so much abuse.

I have been looking for our gold backed banking system to come out since the moment I heard Harald’s vision on that first phone call in 2010 as I was packing our home of 22 years to move from our 5 acres in the Redwoods with an ocean view, our sanctuary. We moved to 400 square feet of hell hole where my desk was on the porch feet away from our bed where my husband slept exhausted from his day. I worked day and night on Karatbars before it had a name. We worked long and hard for the people we introduced to Karatbars and for our families.

I sat next to Mr. Harald Seiz at a private lunch in 2012 and in his broken English he explained to me his broader vision of a banking system backed by gold. I am a true believer and his vision has now been fully coming true since the beginning of 2018 when our cryptocurrency coins were added, this changes everything!

Today you are lucky enough to have a piece of this global banking system, a vision coming true into reality

This is world changing for a global population.

I am purchasing as much of our coins as possible because my family and countless other families need this to work. And knowing Mr. Harald Seiz I know this opportunity to be a part of a global gold Bank will be bigger than I can ever envision.

I will continue to share and teach this to the people who are suffering from our current global banking system that is sucking in as much of people’s wealth and hard work as it can.

My goal and what I do in my business is help as many people as I can find financial freedom. I help them with their accounts and buying their coins for them in their back-office as our eco-system is built out and instructional videos come out to help the people with a simpler system. Small amounts at a time, very time consuming for me, yet I am changing their financial lives for the better. You can also spend your time helping others too if you choose.

Karatbars International and now KaratGold is opposite of the current global banking system. Harald Seiz is giving back to the people, he always has. Join us in sharing the vision and commitment of helping the people of the world survive the next big crash and wealth transfer. We need you to be a champion of this vision coming into reality.


Karatbars Registration Guide & Bonus