Common Questions about Karatbars

I made a list of common questions I get asked all the time about Karatbars. 

You are probably here for one of four reasons.
1. You want to know how to make the maximum amount of money in the shortest amount of time.
2. You want to learn how to support and encourage as many people as you possibly can.
3. You want to learn how to get the most fun out of Karatbars. … Eg: You don’t want to miss out on the next mind blowing travel event.
4. You want to accumulate, assimilate, rewrite ALL the information there is about Karatbars.

r free-package*FYI: I can not include all the details here because the company is fast paced and there’s always new premium rewards & incentives.
*FYI: I can not continue to invest hours of my time on the phone bringing random anonymous strangers up to date. However, If you register on this page, do your KYC and get a package, I’m always here for you!
*FYI: I’m going to bring 10 more people in and place them in my right leg. (Your right is my right) This could help give you a fast start. I’m sure you also have a close friend that would like to get in before everyone else does. Your friend will thank you.

If you haven’t registered already, now is the best time. (Even if you can’t afford a package yet)  I tell everyone it makes no business sense or logical sense to wait! Remember there’s absolutely no obligations. Those that join here (after you) will be placed under you!   How to register karatrbars

      1.   Register Karatbars for free?  Karatbars Affiliate & customer Accounts are both free. No monthly / yearly fees. Gold storage is free.  You are not required to sell gold, sponsor or buy gold to keep your account/position.  Registering as an affiliate gives you many more benefits/options.  It opens the doors to premium rewards such as: Trips, cash, (weekly) cars, Gold bars, and a villa built for you anywhere in the world! Should you register now or later? Definitely now.  “We are not building pyramids here” .. we are building a straight line of customers & affiliates. You could benefit by being placed in front of the next 25 who join …. or the next 25 could benefit by you being placed under them. Register Karatbars for free Bonus & steps
      2. karatbars affiliates job description? You work for yourself but not by yourself. You are an independent contractor but part of a team and get paid by placing yourself in front of the movement of money. (600,000+ of us so far) There’s 7+ ways to earn. The product side of Karatbars is like partnering with Amazon. You get a commissions when someone uses your special link. (Often just one time) With Karatbars you keep your customers for life! In the dual system, (Business package required ) you can earn “walk away income” just for inviting two like minded individuals … Sample invite / training page
      3. karatbars unilever plan?  The unilevel is the free part of the program. It pays out up to 6% monthly.  You only earn from your personal gold sales in the unilevel plan. (Not from package sales and from those placed below you) When you get a business package you will still earn in the unilevel plan And then also in the dual system. See complete details and current promotions in your backoffice under downloads.
      4. What is karatbars backoffice? The backoffice is the first page you see after you login at
      5. Do I need to buy gold each month to qualify for commissions? No. Affiliates can earn in the unilevel system even if they don’t buy gold or a package. You must get a package (One time purchase) to qualify for earnings in the dual system. (Optional) Even then you are not required to spend/save weekly or monthly to qualify for commissions.
      6. How much can I make in Karatbars? I usually say “Unlimited!” You can earn weekly from all the direct sales you make in Karatbars. Up to a maximum of a 180,000 Dual Team Payouts per week in the dual system. ( A VIP makes approx $90 usd per payout. A Bronze makes Approx $22 usd per payout) PLUS our sister site offers crypto packages that range from a few dollars to 1 million dollars. ( You can make 10% direct commissions from the crypto packages & earn from referral sales )
      7. If I get someone to join Karatbars what commissions do I get? It depends on how much they spend and what package you have. ( You can make up to 6% from gold sales without a package) With the new Karatbars payplan .. all package holders make 10% from package sales. If you find a VIP you make 10% of $3500 (or whatever current VIP prices are going for)
      8. How do I exchange my Gold for cash?how to spend karatbars? Who accepts karatbars? Businesses are being setup to accept Karatbars. (K Exchanges) Also, places that buy Gold jewelry will buy Karatbars or you can sell them on Ebay/Karatbars groups.  Karatbars offers free storage for most countries.  You can store your Karatbars for free at Karatbars. Cashgold can be converted back and forth from digital to physical and even delivered.  Soon we expect to be able to make purchases with the gold in our account online. For a current list  of  who accepts Karatbars, check out the K-Exchange list at Karatbars.
      9. How do you get your money out of your Karatbars account? Karatbars provides you with a prepaid debit card once you have a sufficient balance. ( Around $30 depending on euro)
      10. When Do They Load debit Cards? Every Friday morning. (weekly & monthly for those in the dual system/with a business package. Monthly for free affiliates/those only in uni level system) UPDATE  Sept. 2016 Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard. You now have the option to choose between regular shipment or FedEx delivery. In the past, they  have had difficulties shipping the cards to a few countries on continents like Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Those countries can only receive the MasterCard if it is delivered via FedEx. You have the option to pay via bank wire transfer, credit card, or with your commission balance. Please note that you need to have at least € 50 in pending commissions if you reside on one of the continents mentioned above and wish to use your commission balance for the payment. The Delivery of the Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard is no longer automatic.  “Does your card work?”  “Will it work at an ATM?”  I take money off mine at an ATM here:
      11. can buy Gold cheaper elsewhere? Yes .. but not all gold is created equal. None have our benefits/security features.  Plus other places don’t pay you to acquire gold.  They don’t let you compound, They don’t pay you unlimited levels down. …Or reward you with trips, cars, gold and homes … Also at other places, how much Gold you can buy will be limited by how much money you have in your pocket. ( We use a system. Like a business uses a franchise or investors use trading systems) Karatbars has competitive prices for gold that comes from LBMA accredited refineries. Gold prices fluctuate during the day. The low price today may be the high tomorrow. Those who don’t by gold because they can’t get it at the “spot Price” are the ones that miss out. We use cost averaging to convert our cash into Gold.


        (5 Gram bars & 100 multi gram combo packs are a better deal. + 3% discount & 100 euro bonus cards may be used)

        Price compare

      12. Am I required to sponsor? Not required but it only takes two ‘ambitious’ people to earn weekly and get your gold for free. (One on each side) Karatbars is not a HYIP. HYIPs or Profit shares: New investors pay old investors until they run out of New investors … They tend to be ‘PASSIVE’ so that means they will run out of new members faster. Karatbars pays it’s members based on Gold and package sales. Experts expect Gold prices to jump by 300% soon. I’ll take owning more Gold each month over the sites that quit paying or buying over priced food supplements, vouchers etc.
      13.  Can I use the 100euro bonus card to buy a Bronze, Silver or Gold package? No. But the 100e Bonus Card will work with the VIP package
      14. I mostly get it. There’s a lot to learn. How can I wrap it all up? Get a free account now and have a look around. “THERE’S NO LOGICAL REASON NOT TO”. Some feel they must learn EVERYTHING before they join. They spend months and months circling the building but refuse to get a free account. (even without obligations) “Go on in” & see for yourself!  Hesitation could be a huge mistake. Because by wasting time they miss out on the customers and affiliates we could have been placing below them. (In a straight line down.) We are not building pyramids or signing you up to a monthly gold bullion subscription/purchasing plan. I also setup some training pages … starting here: Click here for Karatbars training.  (Must have a gold savings account first) To wrap it up, it’s very important to get to know your sponsor/team. We are here to help you. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.
      15. What is Karatbar’s payplan? Where can I find it? The official payplan is under downloads at (Remember, Karatbars is by invitation only. You must register first with a “Karatbars sponsor”. Register here and get a free 100 euro bonus card  Your “sponsor” should get filled in form for you. Example:  reply  The “Karatbars ID” should be filled in for you: 67591793 )
      16. How does Karatbars ship the Gold? How much is shipping? Karatbars uses insured  Fedex. Around $25 (here in the US) flat rate. It takes about two weeks.
      17. Does Karatbars have banners and replicated sites? You can invite prospects to the main site with your referral link or use a third party replicated site. ( one time fee of $10 ) I have been providing a copy of my sales page and banners to members who join here. * Update. Karatbars now provides us with free landing pages to use and a robust marketing system.
      18. Is karatbars legit? Or Is Karatbars a scam? “I was in a Gold program once and it was a scam. This is probably just another scam.” Scams exist in every market and new ones are invented everyday. ( Mostly “investing” sites ) Karatbars is a world apart from them and you can build a career working with Karatbars. ( PDF .. are all investments sites scams? ) The Karatbars Gold bars come from LBMA certified refineries, they are trusted by top consumer watchdogs and the Vatican. You can visit their home office ( Also a new office coming to Wall Street) or give them a call.
      19.  “Money become worthless? Yeah right!” You need $100 today to buy what you could get for $2.00 in 1913. Freaky huh? Also, look into what happened to Turkey and Romania in 2005, Argentina in 1992, Russia in 1998, Germany in 1923, or Bizone/Trizone in 1948. Experts are expecting our cash to loose purchasing power faster than it ever did before.
        The shocking dept crisis we are in at this very moment: Why Your Money Will Become Worth Less
      20. My country is not listed with Karatbars or the site will not let me buy a package.” Call customer service about these scenarios. Phone 1-224-829-0047 Management hours (8am – 5pm German Time) Germany is 6 hours ahead of eastern time zone. Call early in the morning.
      21. “My friend said Karatbars is a pyramid scheme.” This video has been used in courtrooms to explain how and why a fair compensation plan works.
      22.  karatbars business cards?Where do customers find the business cards that have gold in them? Have them get a free account and check out the products. You also get a website that displays the karatbars products.  
      23. What can I buy with the 100 euro bonus cards?    You can use one per purchase, VIP packages and up plus large orders. More about the Karatbars 100 euro Bonus Cards
      24. I registered. Whats next? How do I create my own office link.  Your Karatbars office or karatbars backoffice is the page you see as soon as you login at
      25. What is the Karatbars Academy.  (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)  The Karatbars Academy  provides landing pages and pre written emails to help you find and keep new karatbars customer& affiliates. Learn more about the Karatbars Academy here: Karatbars Academy
      26. What sold you on Karatbars  or “What finally sold you on Karatbars”.  I can’t say one thing sold me on Karatbars. (Like “The Gold”) It was a combination of things. I once invested in small startup companies and penny stocks. Could you imagine looking at a list of 10,000 businesses and all of them telling you their company was ready to explode? Been there. Done that. Burnt the list.  Picking the winners is how we got our home.  Same way with making money online. There’s thousands of online money making opportunities to choose from.  Karatbars  made the most sense to me. Because you get something to show for your money. Legit networking companies must have their own product or service. Most of them bill you (auto ship) for a lotion, potion, software or membership. What do you end up with at the end of the year? Empty wrappers? A garage full of stuff (with expiration dates) you can’t even give away? On top of that, after another  year goes by, your dollars will by less!  Gold is wealth protection. It was used for money and still is. It’s like exchanging 4 quarters for a dollar. Do you spend money when you do that? No. Win Win.  Many think our collector cards with one gram of gold in them will be worth $1000.00 each someday. Gold always looks good on your asset balance sheet. There’s no “maintenance fee”  and gold doesn’t have an expiration date.
      27. Do I get FREE SUPPORT?   Yes. For me ..  I have been kind of a “loner”. I ran my own business for 10+ years. But came to appreciate our upline’s support. He’s in the inner leadership counsel and his role is to coach us through guidance, support and encouragement. His (free) coaching has  helped our team build their income and financial independence.Getting paid is important too. I dealt with many affiliate programs in the past. Lots of them make you jump through hoops just to get paid. Example:  High pay threshold, (Make a $100 before you can withdraw) Long waiting periods. (a month, 2 or 3 months)  Many use money processors that are shady. Example; I lost money that was sent to me in Liberty Reserve.  It’s common for online money making opportunities to just plain disappear or quit paying.  Imagine having $60,000.00 in earnings you can’t withdraw! ( Been there. Done that) With Karatbars, They load your (international) debit card weekly and they will send your gold whenever you want it.Gold pricing. I knew those with the investor mindset would have a problem with the Karatbar collector card prices. Because I could relate. I knew Karatbars could not let us have the gold for what they paid for it. Because they had to pay for employees, staff, their building, company debts, utilities, accounting, web support, production, legal, banking, card services, shipping & receiving, commissions, cyber security, vaulting, armored delivery, worldwide expansion hubs, support interlinks and premium rewards for affiliates. (Trips, gold, cars and a Villa built for you) They do offer the 3% bonus cards and volume discounts tho. If you invite others they reward you with BONUS gold … that’s the best price I ever paid (FREE)Our upline was formerly in the financial industry, (Like the company owner, Harold Seitz) He has great knowledge about this industry as well as this business. He is a fun loving person and has a big heart for other helping people & I have personally experienced that first hand. He is truly enjoying the benefits financially that Karatbars offers. I encourage everyone that joins … to connect with our upline and see what it’s like to have heavyweights in your corner. ( they prefer to speak with serious people only. Ones who did their KYC and got a package) … These are some of the things that sold me on Karatbars.karatbars packages explained

Questions I like to ask those considering Karatbars:

1. Do you think a $100 Bill is going to buy as much in 2 years as it does today?
2. Would you rather have your savings backed by government insurance or real gold? (Cyprus citizens got their bank accounts raided. Trend? )
3. If you had a safe that was not to be opened for 5 years would you rather fill it with $1600 in cash or $1600 worth of Gold?
4. Does the company you work for ask if you want to be paid in cash, GOLD or a combination of both?.
5. Why do you think there are so many GOLD for CASH stores all over the world? Profitable?
6. Governments are raiding private bank accounts. Will Spain, Italy and other European citizens be next? TIP: Google search “bail ins usa”
7. If you were given 1 acre that had 1 million dollars worth of gold buried on it .. would you dig it up? Would you get some friends to help you?

Karatbars Overview Video
Trusted by top consumer watchdogs and the Vatican

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