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There are three Karatbars phone packages available

Imagine a decentralized phone with encrypted calls, no roaming fees, a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, cheaper, faster, private and with it’s own integrated gold and crypto payment system. History is being created, the future is being revealed! Don’t Miss out, Register your free affiliate account at the bottom of this page to get insider information!

karatbars phone 100 Karatbars phone 50 karatbars phone basic

Package 1: 1750 euros the Karatbars phone comes with 1750 euros in KCB cryptocurrency.

Package 2: 2850 euros the Karatbars phone comes with 2850 euros in KCB cryptocurrency + 50% bonus in free KCB with which we receive 4275 euros of free crypto.

Package 3: 4000 euros the Karatbars phone comes with 4000 euros in KCB cryptocurrency + 100% free KCB bonus with which we receive double free crypto.

karatbars phone compareThe Karatbars phones will begin to be delivered as of October

We can say that the Karatbars phone is free because the value paid is given to us in KCB cryptocurrency, really I M P R E S I O N A N T E !!!!

We have 3 models:

– Gold.
– Carbon.
– Army.

Technical specifications of the Karatbars phone

– Network Technology: GSM, HSPA, EVDO and LTE
– Screen: 5.5 inches
– Screen technology: IPS capacitive touchscreen LCD with 16 million colors.
– Operating system: OS CyptoData O.S. (Patented by Karatbars, based on Linux and compatible with all Android apps).
– Processor: Qualcomn Snapdragon 835
– CPU: Octa-core
– GPU: Andreno 540
– Internal Memory: 128 GB
– RAM: 8 GB
– Battery: 3400 mAh
– Bluetooth: 5.0
– Payments for NFC: Yes
– Additional features: Fingerprint sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope.


– Fingerprint
– Face ID
– Protection against Worms (Virus)
– Unique identity: Private Key

100% INNOVATIVE VOBP TECHNOLOGY: Karatbars Phone Voice Protocol on Blockchain.

100% secure, private, 100% encrypted calls that guarantee that absolutely nobody can listen to conversations.

KARATBARS PHONE Unique communication channel that uses the Blockchain encryption security

– MATRIX Identity: Infinite Accounts.
– Infinite Storage: Encryption and unlimited storage of
photos, videos, documents.
– EWTL: Electronic Threat Transmission Locator.
– Protection against WORMS: Ultra SECURO software with encryption KEY.
– RLINK: Recovery link by forgotten or lost Karatbars phone.


– Connections: P2P * (Person to Person)
– Voice: End-2-End Encryption **
– Media: IPFS ***, unlimited access
– Documents: IPFS *, unlimited access
– Messages: End-2-End Encryption (100% private messages)
– Payments: own bank, very low rates, storage of private keys.
– Storage: IPFS storage, unlimited storage, unlimited access.
– Software: CryptoDATA O.S

* P2P: P2P is the acronym in English of Peer-to-Peer, which can be translated as “peer-to-peer communication”. Usually, in a network, the linked computers are connected to a central server and they are called clients, hence the reference to client-server is common. As its name suggests, in a P2P network, computers connect and communicate with each other without using a central server, taking advantage of, optimizing and managing the capacity (bandwidth) of the network, so that it uses the best route among all the nodes. or computers that make it up.

Due to its characteristics, P2P networks have been used to exchange files, such as music, videos, documents and complete software packages. In the middle of the Internet the term P2P is very associated with the programs that allow this type of exchange, however it is not its only use.

Internet telephony systems use P2P networks to make voice transmission more efficient and, sometimes, also real-time video. A well-known example of this use of P2P is Skype.

Another use of P2P networks is for processing and handling large amounts of information.

** InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a new Internet protocol that seeks to renew all current protocols offering an all-in-one solution with which to cover virtually any need. The IPFS protocol allows the creation of fully distributed applications, thus guaranteeing their availability throughout the network without relying on a single centralized server to provide a specific service.

IPFS is a totally free peer-to-peer distributed file system (it can be accessed from GitHub) that aims to connect all the computing devices with the same file system, thus offering a unique protocol, all in one, with which cover all the needs of the network. This protocol, in broad strokes, is the same as the current web, although implementing in it the BitTorrent protocol to guarantee access to it at all times.


World’s First Voiceover Crypto Blockchain’ Smartphone.
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⏩ More importantly get your privacy back from Big Brother!
⏩ Karatbars are pioneers in the blockchain & communications space.
⏩ Private, secured and encrypted voice/data communications over blockchain protocol.

⏩ Your private key is stored on a physical key that can plug into the bottom of any K1 phone to access your data.

⏩ Also doubles up as a regular smartphone, with sim card, wifi and satellite capability. Cross compatibility with iphone and android

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