Is Karatbars a pyramid scheme?

That’s a common question from people who bought into the “Work 40 years for 40% of what they made” package.

1. If they want you to spend money to start your home business, then it is a pyramid scheme!” Every business owner knows spending money is “part of business”. Have you ever managed a successful business from home? Yes or No.

2. If they invite friends to parties, then it is a pyramid scheme!”   Networking in any setting with like minded people is an excellent way to expand any business.  Parties worked for Amway for 53 years! Melaleuca for 27 years! And thousands of other non-multi level promoters.

3. “If a friend/acquaintance you haven’t heard from in years contacts you talking about home business, it is a pyramid scheme!
Maybe he wants to partner with people he likes? Maybe he wants you to convert some of your failing fiat currency into gold. Fiat currency has a 100% failure rate you know, and pyramids are in Egypt!

This video has been used in courtrooms to explain how a fair compensation plan works.

“I Think Karatbars Is A Pyramid Scheme!”


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