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Karatbars Bonus Card This Karatbars Registration Link Includes The 100 euro Bonus!

*Please Note: We are only permitted one active personal account. ( Your account is considered “active” when you complete your KYC)  We can not change sponsors or move referrals.  Example: If you setup a customer account with Karatbars in the past and only bought gold … you should login to that account and look for the “become an affiliate” option.  ( Do not re-register as an affiliate.)

It doesn’t cost anything to join Karatbars.  Although many join karatbars just to buy gold … You will not be required to purchase anything to remain active or to be eligible to get paid. However, the Karatbars affiliate program is by invitation only. (You must have a “sponsor” or inviter) If you need a sponsor I’m available both night and day if you need help.

I would be happy to be your sponsor, Karatbars is the only thing I do for a living (from home / online)  and I personally Introduced over 900 people since 2012! (You learn a few things in the trenches! 🙂 ) If you need more information before joining … let me know.  My “Username” is:  reply  My “Karatbars ID” use:  67591793 (These two bits of info should get filled in for you when you click the link below to register)
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You can also call 570 746 9204 (Home phone) if you would like me to help you with the registration process. (Most people mess up the KYC process) After you register and complete your KYC I’ll send my marketing guide. (Note:  KYC required. It verifies you are who you say you are.)

(Many are paying $20.00+ per month for a Karatbars sales page)

Karatbars Tough Love Coaching

A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Often new affiliates have failed  to accumulate $300 in savings even after many years of working a job! It takes discipline to set aside enough to acquire enough to get a VIP package.  It’s easier to forget about your goal and just go ahead and eat out at a restaurant, or smoke cigarettes, go to the bar, buy non-income generating luxuries that happen to be on sale, or make payments on something that makes you feel good or look good than it is to put aside enough to get a package.  Until those old patterns are broken, even Karatbars can’t solve their problems.

How did my plan workout? I invited many people to watch a presentation. Little happened at first. I didn’t make much. After a few weeks I saw some money but was still putting more effort in than I was making. (At least that was how I felt anyway) After A few months I felt like I was being OVER PAID. …I became aware of the location of my prepaid debit card at all times!

So, The answer to “Do you know what your reward is for making a plan and sticking to it?” Is …. Opting out of 45 years of hard labor!