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Karatbars review from a long time member. Full Disclosure: I didn’t lure you here with this KARATBARS REVIEW so I could get you to view my ads! (Look around. No ads!)

UPDATE:  Dec 16 2018 I have been a Karatbars member since 2012 and they have always paid as promised.

Before Karatbars … I was involved with many Networking/MLM companies. I wanted to use the internet to make a living promoting affiliate programs online.  I learned a lot about how to make websites, how to test ads and banners … and what avoid.

*Note I only participate in one program at a time!  I like to think of an an eagle trying to catch a rabbit. If it goes for two at one time … it will miss them both every-time! So to give Karatbars a fair shake, that’s the program I focused on. (and still do today in 2018 soon to be 20019)

Before joining Karatbars I had experienced $1000+ income days with investing type opportunities   … But as you know,  they seldom last and you have to find something new. So I took a seriously hard look at Karatbars International
in 2012.

In simple terms, Karatbars offers everyone a free savings account. Their money is stored (free) in the form of small amounts of “spendable gold”. The benifits are not obvious to most at first: Like 24k gold can’t be bested, why spot price doesn’t matter, why (tangible) gold is superior, help is just a call or chatbox away, registering now (here) could result in more people being placed under you.

When I dug deeper I found you can do a lot more than just save small amounts of gold. The incentive program richly rewards those who invite others and affiliates have the potential to make thousands of dollars each week. I was skeptical about the markup on the gold since they pay unlimited levels down and one of the rewards is a villa. I’ll share more of what I dug up here on this website and in this Karatbars review..

Karatbars – Everything You Need To Know

I once borrowed money to make money. ( I invested it. That’s how I made a living.)  I share what I learned along the way and what brought me to Karatbars in the below video. I wanted to know “is Karatbars Legit?” (Did private investigators actually research them?),  Is their gold overpriced? Is the global currency crash just a con? Why Gold bullion and not Gold Coins? How does the Karatbars affiliate program work? What are some of the other things people don’t tell you about Karatbars?

 Did you know because Karatbars is like a BINARY, that means the next person that registers on this site will be placed below you? ( This can help you cut more checks sooner ) Karatbars may or may not be for you … but I think you more than likely know the right 2 people that this would be a great fit for. If that’s the case it could be very, very profitable for us all. Checkout my personal intro page: https://kbgoldintro.com/intro  …And we already have a page on the web that’s easy to find. Agree? ( the page you are on right now)  BUT you are probably here looking for things that trip up new members right?  I’d say it’s their KYC … You are in luck.  I can help with that.

What Is The Karatbars Opportunity? Is Karatbars legit?

Karatbars abides by strict  German/European laws, guaranteeing that each customer and distributor receive the highest degree of protection and responsibility. Harold Seiz is the CEO and Founder of  Karatbars International.  His background is in the financial services industry. One of the things I look for is: Did he own a string of “money making websites” before hand?  No he didn’t. He sold regular “financial products” (Like 401Ks) that were exposed to the whims of the markets and he knew Gold offers better protection.

Karatbars Better Business Bureau
Karatbars is based in Germany and are not listed with our Better Business Bureau here in the United States. ( I used to get asked that a lot) As far as the website goes, it is completely safe. After extensive searching I found No complaints or unresolved problems of any type. That’s very good considering they have been here in the US for five years now.

Karatbars Registration Options
Free Savings Account Or Affiliate (Free)

When you create an account with Karatbars you are given the option to be an affiliate or customer. Choose affiliate if you are interested in the rewards and income opportunity. Affiliates are customers too with no extra costs or obligations. The Karatbars binary-like pay plan pays unlimited levels down and is based on units and cycles. ( Units/points do not FLUSH. They do not keep the income from your “power leg” )
Karatbars Commission Structure
The amount you make each cycle will be determined by the one time package you bought. Units come from gold and package sales and payments for cycles happen each week. You need 25 units in one leg and 50 in the other to cycle and there’s no time limit. Some Karatbars affiliates cycle 10 times per day and make $100 per cycle/payout.

Karatbars Product Details:

The credit card sized cards have various weights of solid gold embedded in them with a tamper proof seal with  reference to the London Bullion Marketing Association which guarantees the weight and purity of gold  Karatbars will store your gold for free or ship them at a flat rate..

What Makes Karatbars (Gold) So Special?
-Karatbars Pricing Considerations

Not all gold bars are created equal. Gold bars very in weights, purity and value. When you want to sell your Gold bar it is up to you to prove the value and weight of your Gold. That’s what Karatbars’s specialty is. Their security and quality is known to surpass all others and soon you will be able to exchange your Karatbars with merchants online. More on Price and benefits: Karatbars price review.

review karatbars purchase-Some acqruire more than 1 gram per month

How Will Karatbars Help You Save And Make You Money?

Most people lack the discipline to pay themselves first. Karatbars solves that problem with the auto gold purchase option. Why is saving your money in the form of gold so important? The cost of everything keeps going up. ( including Gold)  To help you understand, ever notice how the price of gas keeps climbing year after year?  Now  imagine storing $50,000.00 worth of gas for 20 years. Think it would be worth more then? Karatbars has further examples  explaining why exchanging our money for Gold is a smart way to save and why it ‘s the best way to preserve our buying power.

Karatbars Payplan / Compensation Model. How it works.

How the Karatbars compensation works is like a binary with the bad stuff removed. You dont need to purchase every week/month/year to qualify, the points/units are not “flushed” if you don’t use them. They don’t confiscate your “powerleg” No time limits.

You can join free and earn as a free member (unilevel) but the real money is in the “dual system”. Cheapest package is around $125.00. A payout happens when you have 25 units on one side and 50 units on the other. (Levels don’t matter) I started as a gold and used earnings to acquire the Karatbars VIP package (Over $2000 at the time ) I had low expectations at first but after a couple of years I had a team of over 8000+.

how to register karatbars


  Stay updated with compensation plan rules. Setup a free Karatbars account
and have a look around. Complete payplan details under the download section.

Affiliates are not required to sell or buy gold to be eligible for commissions on their first level. (Unilevel) To earn below the first level however, Karatbar associates must purchase a one time bronze, silver, gold or VIP package.  The better the package the higher the commissions you will earn. I suggest at least starting with a silver package. The silver package comes with One Karatbar so you can appreciate the quality and show others. I got the Karatbars Gold package when I started which came with two Karatbars and you get better commissions than with the Bronze or Silver. It took around two weeks for my package to show up via Fedex. I upgraded to the VIP package. Here’s some of the Karatbars payplan  Click here

11 Things I Like the most about Karatbars

  • There are no purchase requirements.
  • You can sign up for FREE and still earn commissions.
  • No capital investments required.
  • No sponsorship requirements.
  • Gold is a time proven, hard asset which retains its value.
  • Must have a sponsor to register.
  • The gold and debit card are connected to same account.
  • Paid every Friday (hassle free) to a debit card
  • Located in Germany where they have the most strict business laws in the world.
  • Paid unlimited “levels” down. ( Get help from unlimited “levels” up. )
  • The 12 week savings plan gives affiliates something to shoot for but not required.

Karatbars  Final Thoughts

After being a member since 2012 (2016 now) I’m still very happy being part of a culture that’s aware of the global currency crisis and helps motivate & educate others through webinars and emails. I always thought every savings plan should include gold and Karatbars makes it easy to get more gold than you could normally afford on your own. My favorite way to promote Karatbars is online and I had 150 people enrolled in no time at all. I am very impressed with the professionalism.

I hope this Karatbars review provided  you with the information you needed to get started. If not, contact me.

There’s four ways to acquire gold. Most can only think of one. Use their credit card/ money in their pocket! (1)  (Stealing it doesn’t count)  Some buy heavy equipment and dig it up, some pan for it. (2)  Some inherit it.(3)  Some use a SYSTEM to save time and money and get their gold for “free”

“Free Karatbars Gold”
35 grams of “Free Gold” from the internet


For anyone who has adding gold to their portfolio on their mind and/or additional income, I highly suggest they not waste any more time and join Karatbars right away. Karatbars is definitely my top choice and I chose them for my primary program. They also eliminate the middle man and have the best price for currency grade gold. Their comp plan is very attractive as well. You can get a free account right now, reveal Karatbars’s vision to other folks then begin receiving extra cash on your new prepaid Mastercard.

I found hundreds of affiliates and customers (online) who also got excited Karatbars! …And most of them were Like me. Tired of building pyrimids, Tired of their program getting shut down, tired of the drama, tired of having nothing to show for what they spent their money on and tired of low commissions.

” All you need is two good people. If you find more it can help those below you. I like that concept.” Those who have to think about it miss out on a better position. I also like having my MasterCard debit card loaded every Friday. (If Karatbars was a scam, MasterCard would not have let them use their card right? I know credit card companies are good at background checks)

compensation plan

Setup a free Karatbars account and have a look around.

I understand why gold bullion is highly sought after by people like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki  … but do average people even have a clue? One way to find out … mention it on Facebook! Here’s what happened:

karatbars affiliates
Karatbars 100 euro bonus