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Karatbars Reviews  – Why Did You Join Karatbars?

Karatbars Review by Terrence

Karatbars reviews Terrence

karatbars reviewsI have many reasons for joining Karatbars. The main reason is that I wanted a store of gold and I wanted to acquire it passively and profitably instead of out of pocket. I am lucky that I chose Karatbars for this purpose because their scope is much larger than just acquiring gold. They have a vision for spendable gold that will benefit everyday families as well as small businesses, not to mention the progressive entrepreneur.I would like to expand on why I want a store of gold. One of the obvious reasons is its long-term value. There is a fixed supply, so that necessarily means it will increase in demand which implies increased spending power. And history bears this out – 5,000 years of history, not just a few years!

Contrast this with Richard Nixon removing the gold-backing of the US dollar in 1971. This gave the federal goverment unlimited freedom to print money. And so the supply increases steadily and the value drops. That being said, the total currency in circulation is primarily due to our bank loan system, not currency printing. I highly recommend the 7-part
series “The History of Money” available on YouTube. You will see that EVERY currency that has removed gold backing has dwindled to zero value.

I would also like to expand on why I prefer Karatbars gold money in particular, because there are many options available once you understand the importance of owning gold. First, Karatbars has a competitive price in its asset class – 1g kinebar currency grade gold. Next, I am looking forward to working with small businesses so they can accept karatbars gold money. I like how using gold at a local business will give them a 2% CREDIT as opposed to the 2% debit they incur with credit cards. And finally, I like receiving credit for recommending Karatbars. The referral credit system pays to infinite
levels of referral depth. I’m pleased to have senior partners who are guiding me towards the same 6-figure income they are earning in Karatbars.

Terrence B

Karatbars Review by Jose

Karatbars reviews Jose

karatbars reviewsI came across Karatbars back in 2010 while in the HYIP area at the time it was KB vision and I thought Karatbars was a scam and figured it would be out of business in no time at all just like other HYIP programs Spend money and hope enough people do the same so I can take out my initial entry with some profit. Did not think Karatbars was any different from all the other programs and did not bother to take a closer look while spending on HYIPs and not making much in returns. If I had looked at it more closely I would have found out that the only way for anyone to receive commissions was through the purchase of actual product GOLD and not just from spending into a program in hopes of some wise investor to invest my money wisely so I could receive profits.While looking for more information on youtube I came across several vids but one shows KB`s actual mining and gold processing facilities it has pictures….

Well the only reason I was doing a search on Karatbars was it has been a few years since my first exposure of this company and I came across a banner promoting the KaratBars business so I figured I would give it a try this time around but first would look for any negative reviews or scam concerns that other people might have and show actual proof of KB not paying out or not sending out gold. Have found that commission payouts are happening product is being shipped and I have paid for the Silver pack and awaiting for my gold to arrive,So I can get it appraised at my local jewelry shop to be able to show it to any new potential customer and have them hold it see it is real and not a scam. Also, have decided to do the 1 gram per week to be ready for any future fiat collapse. And if no Dollar crash takes place I will still have my gold.

Jose A

Karatbars Review by Virgil

Karatbars reviews virgil

karatbars reviewsWhy Karatbars? Karatbars offers a way for me to fund my passion of helping the poor and needy in Uganda East Africa. My wife and I traveled to Uganda in 2008 and it was after this first visit that we started Say Yes International, Inc., a nonprofit public charity. Through this nonprofit we have started businesses, purchased property, helped with children and orphans with school fees, bought food, and many other projects. We visit prisons, hospitals, orphanages and churches. We go to the very poor in the African bush and have seen tremendous miracles of healing and deliverance. Karatbars offers the opportunity to be able to pay for these expensive trips and do so much more to change the lives of orphans and widows.

I’ve been greatly impressed by the support I’ve received from so many people right after I signed up. I had three phone calls and several emails in the same day asking if they could be of any help. This was a pleasant first time experience for me. I have been offered help with websites, splash pages, advertising and ongoing support and I have over 40 people in my down line that I have not sponsored.

What has happened in Cyprus could very well happen in most other countries. Karatbars is not about buying a product, but exchanging something worthless for true value. I not only have real value with gold, but I know it will be worth several hundred percent more than what it is now.

Karatbars offers anyone the ability to own gold which has global liquidity, is stable in value, crisis proof, and a true currency recognized by all governments since the beginning of time.

Why Karatbars? Why in the world not?

Virgil R

Karatbars Review by Riggin

Karatbars reviews Riggin.

karatbars reviewsSeniors are survivors! One of the reasons we are survivors is because we carefully examine opportunities that come our way and don’t abruptly dismiss possibilities without careful examination. We are “seasoned” and have learned over the years (sometime through hard knocks) that patience does pay.

During the summer of 2012 I started being concerned that my retirement, planned for June 30, 2013, may not provide me the income I desired for my wife and me. So, I started looking for some additional supplemental income that I could earn without feeling like I had not retired at all. I was getting discouraged with all the ramblings on the internet without much substance. It took me about nine months, but then I came across an opportunity that got me excited. My patience had paid off!

If you’re preparing for retirement (and shouldn’t everyone be, regardless of age) or have already retired, or just looking for a second income, you can get started in this amazing business right now. Karatbars is a real company, not some fantasy dreamed up by an internet guru or group of gurus concerned about lining their pockets with the hard work of others. Hard work that delivers little or nothing to those doing the work. Karatbars has it’s gurus too. They are people gurus, not internet gurus. When you sign up you’ll start recognizing their names, Ben, Kevin, Terrence, and many more, (Why some of those helpful names you’ll find right on this page.) They are gurus ready to share their knowledge about the business and help in measures that you would not even believe until you see it.

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, don’t waste your time with Karatbars. If you are looking for a down to earth real business opportunity with a real company, where you get real help from real people…don’t waste another minute, sign up for Karatbars right now. The plan is simple, buy gold in affordable quantities to replace the worthless fiat currency you hold, and share with others how they can do the same.

Riggin J

Karatbars Review by Rasim

Karatbars reviews Rasim

karatbars reviewsI joined Karatbars as I got many invitations from online IBOs and some leaders last year.
I knew company when started here, but I was not so interested as I was already top leader in another company.
I am involved with many investments and I have option to promote gold only in Europe, but Karatbars give me opportunity to promote it WorldWide, so I can give better opportunity for my clients.
I will start as affiliate and customer as I already buy gold in Thailand every year. So we will see…;)
If you really want to secure your life: invest how much you can afford, buy gold, silver, invest thru crowdfunding platforms with high returns and most important..have life insurance, you never know what can happen to you, so your family will be secured!

Rasim H.

Karatbars Review by Andrea
Karatbars reviews andrea

Creating Stability! Wkaratbars reviewshen I finally understood the concept of Karatbars, it clicked! It reminded me of purchasing savings bonds my parents did when I was a kid. Of course saving bonds in those years matured in 7-8 years to the face value (how long would it take today for it to mature to the face value – 20 years!). Would you consider purchasing savings bonds today? Karatbars are already ‘worth their weight in gold’ and will only increase in value. Imagine actually getting something for your money that is worth something. I was really excited when I realized I could purchase gold with reasonably small amounts of paper money (cash) and have a plan of action to save not paper money but GOLD. Putting money in the bank in a savings account is like putting it under the mattress, not much difference except readily available from under the mattress instead of having to go to the bank, gas prices be as it is.

Creating a saving plan using Karatbars, gold, as the vehicle is what first appealed to me but there is another aspect to Karatbars to consider. A business can be developed using their program. They map it all out for you. Imagine purchasing a karatbar weekly, biweekly or monthly, whatever fits the budget and you find two people who will purchase a karatbar weekly, biweekly or monthly, again whenever fits their budget who also find two people and so on and so on and so on. Two by two by two by two who get the concept and follow the system. Whether it is to acquire gold through the karatbars system as a customer and/or create a business using the Karatbars system is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Thank you Karatbars for the glimmer of sunshine in the economic mess this world is in.

Andrea H.

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Karatbars Review by Ben

karatbars reviewsI have always been interested in operating my own successful business from home … since grade school!  My parents had me late in their lives and so they were elderly and we lived in a remote area in the country. College was not in my blood and we didn’t have close neighbors or places to work … (No car. No gas. No part time jobs. No money) so I tried hundreds of different “make money at home” ideas growing up. (Mostly involved placing ads, sending postcards and using mailing lists. Some followup calling)

I graduated in 1987 and later got into Amway. (Around 1990)  I loved the events and enthusiasm .. but couldn’t seem to make it work face to face.  I slowed down on the networking until the internet came along. ( After high school I made a living as an independent contractor and day traded on rainy days)

In 2009 I was living in another remote area and got frustrated with my contracting business. I decided I would make money at home “no matter what”.  When I was running my own contracting business … I basically bidded to be the one to do the  job for the cheapest price . I had to pay thousands of dollars per year for insurance. Pay for gas everyday, repairs and I absolutely hated getting held up by traffic.

I still strongly believed if you weren’t working everyday toward a residual income that could replace your current one … you were wasting your time. I guess that added to my frustrations even more.

Early on (online) I learned most everybody in the “make money online” ‘game’ had more than one opportunity that they promoted. With my experience I thought … ‘Those in business have business cards. Those not in business don’t have business cards.’  Like … Those who want to make money online have their own website … those not making money online don’t have their own website.  So it made sense to me to have my own website and get into an MLM hosting/website company. That way I could have some of my own ‘real estate’ online to promote my offers and residual income. They could all use their own websites as billboards. Even put their website address on their own business card.

But the income I was looking for in the “own your own website business” never came.  However, during this time I did notice hundreds of individuals with no marketing skills whatsoever or website making abilities making thousands of dollars weekly with “online investment programs”. These programs are called HYIPS or investment ponzi schemes and are illegal in the US and many countries. They are sort of like the “dark side” of the internet.  They usually don’t have a product and all virtually guarantee a high return for your investment. (2% up) The “company” hides their physical location (use PO boxes) and seldom have direct phone numbers.

How they work: Old investors find new investors and the new investors find more investors … until “there are no more new investors”.  It grows like a weed then it collapses.  Only a few of these ponzi schemes ever get off the ground. Those who do pick the right one and get in early stand a chance to make money. BUT … since they are illegal … you may end up looking at a certified letter from a court. ( Yes, you can get in trouble/ face “claw backs”  for promoting illegal ponzi schemes. Check out Zeekler. It was huge. Even people working in law enforcement were showing off their big checks.  I refused to promote it.)

However, Me … being interested in making money online and into niche marketing … couldn’t deny the strong attraction to “online investments” or exchanging my money for something that will be / could be worth more in the future. In the  affiliate arena  … you stand to make huge commissions when you sell big ticket items! … You could sort of be like a broker right?  Or a real estate person that sells a house.

I noticed a few people exchanging large amounts of money ( around $50,000)  for Karatbars. It really got my attention! How would you like to make 6% of $50,000? Or … what if you got in before they did and you also got the sales volume? ( Eg: What if I placed them below you.  You could earn from the deal even if you weren’t  their “sponsor”)

Other things I liked about Karatbars.
1. By invitation only. (You must have a sponsor.)  For example, although the hosting company said they loved us and wanted to reward us for getting the word out (advertising) … you could join them without a sponsor! That’s cheating. (Most HYIPS do the same thing. You can join them without a sponsor. Look, without someone taking the time to promote them … no one would know they existed. The admin keeps the commission and the one who did the work gets cheated.)
2. Credibility. Karatbars partners with the Vatican and MasterCard. Investigated by consumer protection agencies. The gold has been tested. (Highest quality gold in the world)
3. Solid. No Drama. Over the years I have been paid on time. I have seen hundreds of other money making companies come and go over the years. HYIPS always have lots of drama. My philosophy is: “Stand for something or you will fall for anything”
4. Most other residual income money making opportunities (MLM or network marketing programs) require you to purchase each month or meet volume requirements in order to qualify to get paid. With Karatbars you don’t lose your position or your ability to earn if you don’t buy gold or sell any.

There’s many more reasons why I joined Karatbars. I did another review here on this website (an affiliates perspective).

Karatbars Review

Ben A
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