Karatbars Training

-Starting off as a Karatbars affiliate  on the right foot

– I recommend reading the compliance guidelines in your backoffice at Karatbars.com

Since I use the internet to find signups for Karatbars  (nearly 750 so far!) …
I had to take note of how Karatbars prefers to be promoted online.
Important Karatbars guidelines

    • No vanity domain names. Example: karatbars-gold-money.com OR use their name for your facebook page. Example; do not call your Facebook page “Karatbars International”
    • Karatbars affiliates should never present themselves as “the company” an employee or staff.  ( An affiliate once promoted Karatbars on Craigslist like they were looking for employees. Bad idea.)
    • No mathematical (income) examples
    • Do not use of the term  “investment” when referring to Gold unless you are a registered investment advisor. (btw, we have many of them on board with us!)
    • Many of us like to make our own banners. If it has the Karatbars logo, please get their permission.
    • No “proof of income”  (screen shots of earnings) or claims of how much you earn. Showing your earnings is considered “Inducement” and punishable by the law.
    • Affiliates must not attack politicians or governments where there Karatbars promotions are located.  That’s not how Karatbars wants to be represented.
    • Please do not shorten the Karatbars name to KB or KBI ( Helps them from being confused with other companies)

How To Register With Karatbars International

Need A “Karatbars sponsor”?  I’m  reply  “Karatbars ID”  67591793
Click Here To Register / setup your free account. Select “Affiliate” and you get more options without any obligations.

Karatbars International KYC

Karatbars International Auto Purchase Setup

How To Purchase A Karatbars Package

Private Karatbars Training Area

Further training for team members who got their KYC done and decided to get a business package. Click here to go to the private Karatbars Training Area