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For those praying for something serious. something real…

 We Have Exactly What You Have Been Looking For. A  SYSTEM Designed To Reward Your Children’s Children  & Load Your International Debit Card Automatically Each And Every Friday Morning!

   SYSTEM = Save Yourself Some Time Energy Money.
Successful traders use systems when they trade. Smart business owners use
a franchise SYSTEM so they can make money when they are sound asleep.

  • Citizens save billions in fees
  • Profit from inflation instead of suffering with the masses
  • Build a walkaway weekly income from home

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News And Exciting Developments

Attn: Investors who like turning matchsticks into lumberyards

The dollar lost 98% of it’s value over the last 100 years. Gold kept it’s purchasing power proving to be a better store of wealth. Our new KBC crypto coins are poised for a explosive growth because they are in the process of being backed by real physical gold. ( Not worthless paper contracts) The street doesn’t know about KBC yet and it’s trading for less than .02 now. It’s “guaranteed” value is .40 or exchangeable to 100 KBC to 1 Gram of gold by July. (Imagine 1000 worth of KBC becoming worth 20,000+ in 6 months)  Long term goal for KBC is 1 KBC  equal to 1 gram of Gold. ( Around $45 real world value ) Click here to learn more ( News & KBC / KCB in a nutshell )

Teaser Video: “The Karatbars Eco System

“Closed system”  ~By invitation only. 
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Absolutely no fees or obligations

Full Karatbars Presentation

Any questions after watching the complete video .. Call The Karatbars Guy! … Ben 570 756 9204

Founder And CEO

“My Mission is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford. My goal is that Karatbars helps millions find financial freedom from the current system of debt.”

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Karatbars Team

Karatbars Team

Who Doesn’t Want Personal Wealth Insurance?

Karatbars International was founded in 2011. They specialize in the sales and distribution of small certified spendable gold bars. (Karatbars minted gold is produced only by LBMA accredited refineries found on the current ‘good delivery list) The headquarters is located and registered to do business in Stuttgart Germany and they are rapidly expanding throughout Europe and across the globe.

Karatbars International offers customers competitive prices for “Spendable Gold”, free storage and flat rate shipping. Deliveries are packaged under video surveillance and are shipped via FedEx daily

The Biggest Problems With Physical Gold Is…

It’s up to you to prove it’s not fake, Storage and liquidation.  Karatbars takes care of you. They have the highest security in the industry, free storage and push button gold liquadation.

gold secure

The Most Successful ICO Launch In The History Of Cryptocurrency!

Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Simply Explained & Updates

“We can wait for gold to escalate or we can wait for coins to escalate in value….
OR last but not least… wait for BOTH gold & coins to escalate in value where we
profit from gains in both arena’s”

how to buy kbc coins

The best gold backed cryptocurrency by far

Predictable coin price jump next July?
Let me know what you think.
Corporations and countries are getting involved.

Get yours now BEFORE they have enough gold to back it up!
(They require physical gold. Not contracts or futures)

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  • Auto-Save Is Optional. Not Required

  • Purchase Not Required To Earn

  • No Need To Recruit

  • Accounts Are Free To Setup And Keep

  • No Monthly Quotas

  • Zero Membership Cancellations

  • Category Creator. No Rival Pressure

  • Learn Secrets About The Wealthy

  • Team Support

  • Positive Reviews/Happy Customers

  • Liked By Top Financial Advisors

  • FREE Gold Storage

  • Gold Easily Liquidated

  • Product Never Bested/Outdated

  • Credibility. Doing Business With Vatican And MasterCard

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That Moment When You Realize That Nothing Is Holding You Back

I Don't Have Time

Great! Don't treat it like a business now. Treat it as a savings account instead. Tell others and get FREE DEPOSITS when you are ready

I don't have any money right now

It's free to join and you can actually earn a monthly residual by referring others to start protecting their wealth with gold and no purchase is required to qualify to earn income.

I just don't know of anyone who would be interested

Not interested in which part the saving money or the making money?

I'm focused on some other things right now.

Great, are you saving money while you're focused? Save some gold.

I Already Have A Business

The business is optional. No matter what your business is you're doing it to make money right? What are you going to do with some of the money? Are you saving? You have to save gold to preserve and protect your wealth and outpace inflation.

Is it safe doing business with a company that's not in the US?

It's harder to start a (financial) business in Germany than in the US. They must abide by very strick consumer protection laws and there has been no major complaints ever. (Past 5 years)

Karatbars Member comments: “We Love our members, And They Love Us”

Comments From Karatbars Members

“WOW – The Best Income Opportunity I have ever seen.”

“Having worked in the financial industry for many years I see this as a way for me to protect my family against the ravages of inflation, to preserve purchasing power and create wealth for my family and for many unborn generations.”

– Kevin

There are many choices once you have decided that you want to protect yourself against surging inflation rates through gold. Presumably you already understand that teams outdo individuals and that a networking marketing gold business will do you better in the long run than trying to buy your empire of gold.

Once that is decided, the question becomes, why Karatbars? While there are many reasons, the one defining factor of Karatbars is the K-exchange network, a network of small businesses that accept karatbars for everyday transactions, and EARN 2% in the process instead of losing 2-4% as they do with Visa/MC.

This is by far a true Real solid way to secure your money in this uncertain world.

Saving your paper currency in banks will only set you up to lose your
purchasing power.

Gold is a solid way to protect your worth in any economic state.

Plus Karatbars gives you the opportunity to actually earn if you decide
to go that route.

My why is for my family and of course making sure my income will not lose worth.

I did the CD investments with banks with little return and can not access my funds
for months unless I am willing to pay a penalty fee for access my own funds..


To be honest – I wouldn’t trust the big banks as far as, well …., y’know. ( If you don’t know, watch “The Big Short” movie on Netflix)

I joined Karatbars a few months ago and never looked back – just follow the 3 steps – bingo.

Apart from the security provided by owning the best gold available, there is the added bonus of making a good living from the dual system.

Gaining sign-ups is not too difficult either as the product sells itself – everyone knows what gold is – but not everyone knows how to buy it.

I’ve come to realize that my money needs to be in MY control – and not controlled by the banks – and certainly NOT by any government.

I joined in August 2013. I love the product (currency grade gold).
Karatbars is a great company. I am in a team that has over 5000 members.
Great program and great way to buy gold cheap with income opportunity.
I walked into the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, NM last night. I had to prospect one person before I went to sleep. I walked up to the Roulette table and asked the dealer do you take Food Stamps? He laughed and said no. I said well I want to play. What about Gold? I’m thinking this is the Casino. They not turning any kind of money down right? He said I am not sure. If you want to wait for a few minutes my Manager will be walking around and you can ask him. He loves Gold. He prospects it all the time. I figured he was a karatbars affiliate. Paul the Managers walks up and I asked him can I bet my Gold or exchange it for cash? He said the Casino want take it. Turns out Paul digs for Gold in his spare time. He said it takes him around 6 hours to get 1 gram. I showed him the Energykarat and Harald Konstantin Seiz Branding Card. He is Very Excited now. I told him I can show him how to get Gold and Save his back at the same time. So he took my picture and my business card. He had to get back to work. I woke up this morning and went back to the Roulette table and dropped a Stack of CASHGOLD on the table and said Let it Ride. Paul walked up and his eyes got big. He said Where did you get this from? He said is going to sign up after he gets off of work. I gave him one of my CASHGOLD. He said he is going to show it off at the meeting he was about to go to. HAD TO SHARE WITH THE TEAM!

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