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Top Network Marketing Tip1

“Can I Get Rich Quick Network Marketing?”

Some influencers & good sales people can get rich quick in the network marketing industry. But they seldom achieve the long term walk away income most desire. WHY?   Because of  lack of team support, one on one relationship building and leadership development.  Network Marketing is a relationship business. What would be easier for you, build your network marketing team the right way the first time or be forced to start over and over again?

Top Network Marketing Tip 2

How network marketing pros feel about multiple streams of income

Having multiple streams of income is a good thing. AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN DIFFERENT  INDUSTRIES. Example: Network marketing & Real Estate. If you lack focus, your team will lack focus. If you join another network marketing program .. they will figure the 1st wasn’t good enough. An eagle can only focus on one rabbit. You can’t cross the finish line on two horses. Make sense?

Top Network Marketing Tip 3

Network Marketing VS Pyramid schemes and MLM Scams

Facts to research.

  1. What’s the owners reputation?
  2. Do they hide their office location/owner info?
  3. Is it a (Crypto) gifting program?  They are Illegal in most countries
    and Governments can demand participants pay back earnings. (claw backs)
  4. Does the company OWN/Make the product? (Important for legal reasons)
  5. Software and pre launches come and go. What happens when what’s new and hot .. is not?

Top Network Marketing Tip 4

Listen Then Offer A Solution

You’ll find some people are ALL TALK. 🙂

  • Your brother says “I feel tired all the time. I’m overweight and low on energy.”  You could ask: “Would you like to do something about it? ( You’ll quickly discover if they are OPEN to a SOLUTION.
  • Or. … Bob, you said you are sick and tired of your job.  Were you just joking around or would you like to do something about it?  (There’s a presentation tonight at 9PM if you keep your income options open)  If nothing else, your friends and family will stop complaining around you because you keep offering solutions!

Top Network Marketing Tip 5

Online Communities Are Critical

New and old members need to plug in. We share our success stories. We help motivate each other. We share solutions to problems that pop up. “Orphans” are taken care of. Network marking groups without a strong online community have a tough time.

Top Network Marketing Tip 6

List Building Self Sabotage

When new network marketers build their list. It’s only natural to start with the “low hanging fruit”.  The broke people. The people who lost hope. Negative people. People with the  least amount of skill and the highest amount of anxiety.  By the time the list builder gets to number 10, they are discouraged, frustrated and exhausted.

Top Network Marketing Tip 7

[Stories sell] "Most People Do Network Marketing Every Day, BUT They Just Don't Get Paid For It."

Top Network Marketing Tip 8

[ Handling the pyramid scheme objection] "Is Network Marketing Just A Big Pyramid Scheme?"

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