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My favorite classic video. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now. you’ll be glad you did!

I remember inviting many people to watch a network marketing presentation.

Little happened at first. I didn’t make much at all. After a few weeks, I saw some money come in but was still putting way more effort into my affiliate marketing business than I thought I had to.

Network marketing didn’t seem worth it.

Eventually, things slowly picked up in my network marketing business though. After A few months, I felt “Hey this IS truly worth it!

My work is finally paying off!! Then a few more months went by and I started to feel like “Holly Crap I’m getting OVER PAID!”

One day I logged in and found a HUGE BONUS PAYOUT in my back office. I thought there was a huge mistake! I was going to call them but found out it was from a bonus pool.

It was also strange for me at the bank. Because the manager had to use her key every time I requested large sums of money off the debit card…

I also picked up a new obsession. Knowing the physical location of my prepaid debit card at all times.  These are good experiences. Agree?

My story Reminds me of Tony Robins progress chart.

You see some potential so you take some action. You get some results so you get more belief. With more belief you can imagine greater potential. So you take Greater action… Guess what happens next? Greater results!!

What if you started with MASSIVE ACTION? After a spin or two around the emotional roller coaster, I could see you headed off on the cruise of your dreams with the rest of the 6 figure earners!


To get the things in life that you want, you will need to pay some kind of price, whether it be work, money, time, giving something up, exchange for something, learning a new way of doing things, learning new skills, facing fears, and so on.

To do nothing at all towards attaining the things you want, that comes with a price too.

Think about it.

Thanks for showing up!
You are on the Golden Path,

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