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I would like to begin by talking about GOLD and the amazing opportunity offered to the world through Karatbars International. Karatbars has made it possible for every person, from every walk of life and financial class the opportunity to own Genuine 999.9 gold bullion by easily exchanging paper fiat currency into a more secure gold money via a one of a kind online system. We all know that paper fiat currency is “only” based on the trust of the population today with nothing tangible to back it. Can you imagine what would happen if every citizen were to go to the bank on the same day and request to withdraw their paper dollars?

The Monetary system would be bankrupt!

What would happen if people simply lost all trust in money?

The Monetary system would be bankrupt!

The fact is… People actually do care in about what is going on:
For example, What is happening with the Gold price at the moment? Why has it fallen so drastically?
Many newspapers and magazines have been stating the following:

“The gold price is experiencing a historic slump – Investors sell while you still have the chance!”
“After a decade of booms, the price of gold falls dramatically, hitting its lowest level since 2011. The price fell by $100 in one trading day.”
“The price has not fallen this drastically on over 90 years! Private investors, sell your gold!”

These are the same newspapers and Magazines that proclaimed 3 years ago:
“Last Rescue Gold”
“The Euro is crashing.. Now is the time to buy gold”
“Who is smart will buy gold”

Amazingly, while encouraging private investors across the globe to sell their gold through panic, Governments and banks have been buying gold in large quantities. German banks alone have been hoarding tons of gold in Singapore, London, New York and Zurich acting like a treasure chest for the German Bank : The banks will be storing up to 200 tons of gold in one of the safest places in the world: One of the most high tech bunkers, located in Singapore.

Well, as we can all see, in order to resolve this panic, all one has to do is sell large quantities of gold within the market to manipulate the price downward. This is exactly what has happened in recent times. Not physical gold, but by using the magical word “virtual” or paper derivatives. These sales were all virtual or based on the derivative markets, which actually does not change anything within the physical markets. The physical gold stays exactly where it is. Virtually it was sold from A to B, causing the market price to drop when in fact the gold never physically left the vaults.

Here is a recent article explaining just this:
“At the New York Stock Exchange Comex more than 750 000 gold contracts were settled on Monday alone. Virtual thus about 2,300 tons of gold were handled, which is about 80 percent of the gold delivery of a whole year. By comparison, Germany has about 3400 tons, 2800 tons, the International Monetary Fund, the U.S. as the world’s largest gold owner in 8100 tonnes ” And BOOM!, we automatically have a situation of panic.

Gold is Safety

Gold is safety. Gold is real money. What matters is that you protect yourself and your loved ones by owning the oldest and most secure (true) money there is. With gold you are financially independent. Gold never loses its value, the price may fluctuate but the value and security has never changed in over 3000 years. Gold is Insurance and the best way to hedge against inflation and world currency debasement happening in our world today.

It is important to acquire gold now. You have the opportunity to purchase gold once again at a much lower price within this market manipulation. I encourage you all to take advantage of this opportunity of lower prices while they last, because the value, without a doubt, will rise again.

I am very concerned about the global currencies, as they still have no secure backing like gold.
Karatbars is working step by step to make it possible to easily use gold as a form of currency. We hope to have this implemented across the entire globe.

However, until then there is still much to do.

Do not think twice about it, follow your main goal and buy gold now, then get others to do the same. Show them how our business works and more importantly how they can become financially secure no matter what the future holds.
Not everything happens at once no matter how hard we try. I also have to deal with everyday challenges. I too make daily decisions, tackle a dozen problems and find multiple solutions for our Karatbar family. I always know that every day brings me that much closer to my goal.

Karatbars is just beginning. We are the pioneers. I have worked with a number of people who entered the gold business around the same time as me and have left and moved on to their third business since that time. Success takes perseverance. No matter what comes your way.

When I started in 2008 there were many network companies that sold gold. Today, Karatbars is the ONLY gold company who has grown and flourished in the industry of E commerce, led by what I believe to be the best affiliates on the planet. We found our way and we appreciate those of you who have contributed to our success. I am proud to have so many loyal business partners by my side.

I wish you all the best of success and a great weekend.
With respect,
Your Harald Seiz
CEO and Founder Karatbars International

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