War On Cash

Did You Know Simply Spending Cash Today Can Brand You As A Criminal?

Millions Of People Are Waking Up To The Fact That We Can’t Count On Traditional Money Anymore

Experts are warning that our cash is about to lose value at a  faster rate than ever before. Like what happened in Turkey and Romania in 2005, Argentina in 1992, Russia in 1998, Germany in 1923, or Bizone/Trizone in 1948.

Our money is not backed by gold. It is backed by DEBT/IOUs.  (Fiat based) The first dollars were borrowed into existence so the thought of paying off the national debt (with interest) is absurd.

Money printing and entitlements got out of hand and experts believe a global reset is imminent. (Not a matter of IF your money will become toilet paper … but WHEN) Even though the below clip is very old, it is a must-see for everyone.  A real EYE OPENER.

The Ongoing Debt Predicament

Fiat Money Destroys Nations.  It Fuels Unsound Government Spending

Proof Of The Debt Disaster

Why do we even have a debt ceiling? Can we solve our debt problems by borrowing more money to pay off old debts? Doesn’t that just create more debt? Do they know the difference between deficit and debt? Why are countries going bankrupt? Did you know when more money is printed in the US .. it affects the world’s economy? And the printing presses are out of control

fiat money bad
war on cash 2022


How Money Is Created And Why It Will Lead To It’s Demise

Tying It All Together  DEBT, Global SPENDING & YOUR DAILY LIFE

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

The war on cash is a war on freedom. Cash is the most convenient and privately-owned asset in the world, and the Fed’s rule is restricting our freedom to use it.

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The Secret War On Cash

As The War On Cash Continues, It Will Take More Cash To Buy Assets

Protect yourself as the war on cash beats the dollar down

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War On Cash Protection