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All business minded people & successful companies use systems! Example: Wealthy Investors use trading systems when they trade. Smart business owners use franchise systems so they can make money while they sleep! How about you? How much EXTRA would you like to make per week ...
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“How We Get Paid” .. “Why Gold”  and “How To Get Paid While You Sleep”


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FREE physical Gold Storage.
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Product Never Bested/Outdated.
Credibility. Visit Physical Locations. Call support. CEO Is An Author & Community Business Leader. Authorities Are Very Strict With Financial Businesses In Germany. Partnering With The Vatican, Fedex and MasterCard. Reccomended By Top Financial Advisors.

With your KARATBARS BUSINESS you can have residual income paid to your INTERNATIONAL MasterCard every Friday morning (while staying home!). You can protect your savings as well! WHY DO YOU EVEN NEED PROTECTION? What do you think is going to happen in two months with the trillions of dollars currently being printed? Only physical gold is the sure bet!

Hesitation Could Mean Missing Out On Thousands Of Dollars!

In the below example, “coachg” sponsored/invited zero people to join our mission yet there’s 4,644 people below him. Those familiar with MLM always ask: “How is this even  possible!!”

Because I’m only building 2 legs down with this website.  ( Since I’m not filling in under my wife, kids or a second position … I can place more in a straight line. ) We get paid unlimited levels down so how many levels down you are doesn’t matter to me.

Sadly, “Coachg” didn’t  get any of the income flow generated below him because he couldn’t complete his KYC (verify his account) & Activate his ‘”Dual System”

*Note. Those familiar with dual teams are used to their unused units/points geting flushed each week/month. We keep ours until there’s enough for a payout.
*Note. With upcoming payment plan improvements … it will be possible to make a steady/residual income with just one leg/team!

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Most Of Our Successful Affiliates Lost Interest In Their Old Day Jobs

Great things to say to our boss!
``I just can’t fit you in my schedule any longer.``
``I don’t feel fulfilled helping you get a big house for your retirement.``
``I decided to sell my alarm clock to my neighbor.``
``You can’t bribe me to work here any longer.``
``This job has been interfering with my week.``
``I can’t continue dedicating my life to your goals.``

Common Questions / Assumptions

Is Karatbars a pyramid? No. Pyramids are in Egypt!  Seriously though, this is a common question asked by those who never ran their own successful business or been around large sales organizations. In Karatbars, you can earn MORE than the person who introduced you. Even more than the people several levels above you!

"Everybody knows the only ones making money in a pyramid are the ones at the top" .. they say. But isn't that natural? In what world does a new comer (janitor) come along and make as much as the Vice president in less than a year or two?  How often have you seen a Private earn more than a General? pschem

There's a lot of similarities ... and some BIG differences. mlm compare *In the unilevel .. you are an affil-iate much like an Amazone affi-liate. ( DEFINITELY not MLM. You Only earn from your direct sales.) In the dual system ... you earn unlimited levels down. (- Unlike MLM, levels in Karatbars don't matter)
Prices (based in Euro) and incentives change often. At time of writing:
  • VIP: 3011.66 Euro. You earn 20% in direct commissions and 80 Euro per Cycle. Gold: 989.44 Euro. You earn 15% in direct commissions and 60 Euro per Cycle. Silver: 397.22 Euro. You earn 10% in direct commissions and 40 Euro per Cycle. Bronze: 125.00 Euro. You earn 5% in direct commissions and 20 Euro per Cycle.

Gold Has A Solid History of Holding Its Value And Increasing An Average Of 10% Per Year . Unlike government printed money, gold has maintained its purchasing power throughout the ages. People use gold to preserve their wealth and pass it on from generation to generation.

Protection From The Weakness of the U.S. Dollar. Considering the U.S. dollar is one of the world's most important reserve currencies, (for the time being) when the dollar value falls like it did between 1998 and 2008, this persuades people to stampede to gold, which always rises in prices . The price tripled between 1998 and 2008. It reached $1,000 an ounce in early 2008 and doubled between 2008 and 2012. The U.S. dollar declines for a number of reasons, including debt and trade deficits and overprinting. (When money is printed it is "borrowed" Hence the 20 trillion deficit which can never be paid back)

Inflation Gold is an excellent hedge against inflation. Its price tends to rise when the cost of living increases.(like groceries) Gold prices soar when 401Ks plunge.

Deflation Deflation is a period when businesses/economy slow down and there is excessive debt. Like in the 1930s. During these times the purchasing power of gold explodes.

Global Political Uncertainty Gold's price often rise when the confidence in governments drops. Gold is known as the "crisis commodity" because people increase their holdings when world tensions/conflicts rise. Gold's prices experienced a major up-move when the crisis occurred in the European Union in 2018.

Limited Supply The major supply of gold has come from the vaults of the global central banks. The release of gold has dramatically decreased since 2008. The extraction of gold from mines has been steadily dropping since 2000. As a golden rule, "the reduction in the supply and increased demand drive the prices up"

Demand The demand for gold has been steady and growing among investors. Countries are hoarding gold. The buying has accelerated more than the mine production in the last 10 years.

Currency Reset Protection It's inevitable that the US dollar will reset. Not "if" but when. When a reset happens It's like having all the citizen's money taken away. Just a few devestating restets in histy include: Venezuela's Sovereign Bolivar, Zimbabwean Dollars, German Marks, (5 grams of Gold bought you a house!) French Assignats, Newfoundland Dollars, Roman Denarii, Brazilian Cruzeiros, Yuan Dynasty Paper Currency, Dutch Tulip Mania. In 2012-2013 Cyprus had a financial crisis and many turned to gold/Karatbars.

This Is WHY The US dollar will self destruct (And others to follow)

"You are about to learn the biggest secrets in the history of the world... it's the secrets like 'Who actually owns the Federal Reserve?, that have huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is. Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck... every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why. You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today. The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years. Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make. If enough people learn it, it will change the world... because it will change the system . For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money. Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it's all accomplished through this... The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind."

Because there is a very good chance the gold may not exist!

It's been quoted that the gold held in major reserves have been sold 200+ times over. Fine and good until everyone demands delivery. It's always best to have your gold in hand.

If you wish to immediately go out and buy any old gold with the money in your pocket ... then the answer is yes. You can find it cheaper. But all gold is not created equal. The others do not offer our level of security (People are finding out they bought fake gold the hard way) and the other gold dealers do not reward you with, Gold bars, weekly pay, premium rewards, (Trips, Cars, your own Villa etc) for simply finding two like minded people that join the program. Example. I logged into my account one day and found 32 grams of gold there that I did not buy. I thought there was a mistake and so I was about to contact someone when I discovered it was bonus gold. That almost never happens when dealing with traditional gold dealers ... You almost never find an extra handful of gold in your bag from them ... Right?

The Karatbars pay plan is explained in the above video "Paying Weekly As Promised Since 2011"

Below is a birds eye view of the Karatbars payplan & tips. Setup a free account at (Sponsor required) and look in the downloads section for updates & up to date incentive promotions.

When you join Karatbars as an affiliate you are automatically placed in the "Unilevel System". You can start accumilating commissions immediately in 120+ countries! Being a in the unilevel system is kind of like being an amazon affiliate. You can earn up to 6% from your direct sales of gold. The Unilevel system pays out monthly to your international debit card. Many use the unilevel system to make enough money to get a package so they can qualify for earnings in the "Dual System".


*Power tip: You can sell custom business cards to business owners (with embedded gold Or help savers SAVE to raise money for yourself.- If a saver exchanges 50 euro for gold each week .. you would earn 5% or 2.50 euro per week. - If 100 savers save in gold this week you make 250 euro per week. (Approx $305 US Dollars) - If one million savers save one gram per week you make 2.5 million euro per week. - When savers use weekly "Autosave" you get residual income every week!

The Dual System

The dual system is an optional upgrade. A one time package purchase is required and you never lose your status. Example: If VIP package bought you will remain a VIP forever even if you don't buy gold or never sell anything. Unlike the unilevel (unlimited width & legs/teams) You only have two legs/teams in the dual system. Unlike other dual systems you never lose your unused points/units until an actual payout occurs! Also, with the new payplan improvements it will be possible to earn a steady income off just one leg/team.

The New Karatbars Payplan 3 of the most talked about Dual system payouts. #1) Direct commissions: (For ALL package holders) will be 10% for direct package sales. 3% for level 1 package sales and 2% for level 3 package sales. *Note: when thinking of your levels think of the Unilevel. UNLIMITED width! #2) Cycle payouts. Depending on your package, you can make 10euro(Bronze) to 80euro(VIP) per cycle. Cycles happen when you have 25 units on one side and 25 on the other. (This takes place unlimited levels down! Units come from gold and package sales) #3) Bonus match. Depending on your package, you get 5% cycle bonus matches up to 7 levels deep. Click here to setup a free affiliate account and have a look around

Payplan Changes Explained

Million dollar packages? ( Mentioned in video ) YES. We have them available on our sister crypto site. ( Same login credentials as Karatbars )



karat t shirtI walked into the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, NM last night. I had to prospect one person before I went to sleep. I walked up to the Roulette table and asked the dealer do you take Food Stamps? He laughed and said no. I said well I want to play. What about Gold? I’m thinking this is the Casino. They not turning any kind of money down right? He said I am not sure. If you want to wait for a few minutes my Manager will be walking around and you can ask him. He loves Gold. He prospects it all the time. I figured he was a karatbars affiliate. Paul the Managers walks up and I asked him can I bet my Gold or exchange it for cash? He said the Casino want take it. Turns out Paul digs for Gold in his spare time. He said it takes him around 6 hours to get 1 gram. I showed him the Energykarat and Harald Konstantin Seiz Branding Card. He is Very Excited now. I told him I can show him how to get Gold and Save his back at the same time. So he took my picture and my business card. He had to get back to work. I woke up this morning and went back to the Roulette table and dropped a Stack of CASHGOLD on the table and said Let it Ride. Paul walked up and his eyes got big. He said Where did you get this from? He said is going to sign up after he gets off of work. I gave him one of my CASHGOLD. He said he is going to show it off at the meeting he was about to go to. HAD TO SHARE WITH THE TEAM!


in gold we trustThis is by far a true Real solid way to secure your money in this uncertain world.

Saving your paper currency in banks will only set you up to lose your
purchasing power.

Gold is a solid way to protect your worth in any economic state.

Plus Karatbars gives you the opportunity to actually earn if you decide
to go that route.

My why is for my family and of course making sure my income will not lose worth.

I did the CD investments with banks with little return and can not access my funds
for months unless I am willing to pay a penalty fee for access my own funds..



karat bailout protectionTo be honest – I wouldn’t trust the big banks as far as, well …., y’know. ( If you don’t know, watch “The Big Short” movie on Netflix)

I joined Karatbars a few months ago and never looked back – just follow the 3 steps – bingo.

Apart from the security provided by owning the best gold available, there is the added bonus of making a good living from the dual system.

Gaining sign-ups is not too difficult either as the product sells itself – everyone knows what gold is – but not everyone knows how to buy it.

I’ve come to realize that my money needs to be in MY control – and not controlled by the banks – and certainly NOT by any government.

get gold pre short


All hail REAL Gold backed crypto coin

Hail gold cryptoFor 2019 in the crypto and digital currency space, look at fundamentals! Forget about all the hype, the markets and the prices, learn to look for real world value instead. Real solid fundamentals, cashflow models, real companies, infrastructure, community, wide spread use cases, efficiency, and most of all hard/solid assets with real tangible value backing these coins.

I personally think people should stop worrying about “the bull run” it is Bull S**t! Stop seeing the crypto space as some major online casino or speculation game. And start focusing on coins that truly solve real world problems and have a proven track record in doing so. Betting on “hot air” coins is old, people fell for that in 2017 and parts of 2018, but after heavy losses people tend to get a bit smarter. It is ever harder to find a “greater fool” to off load your outdated, slow, worthless and useless unbacked crypto coins on to. So my hope for 2019 is, back to fundamentals and hail the rise of the “assets backed” stable coins.


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Rub shoulders with leaders in the Karatbars Business Community who have great knowledge about this industry as well as this business.
Meet fellow fun loving members who have big hearts for helping people. (Being involved since 2012 I have personally experienced this first hand.)
I look forward to introducing you to those who are truly enjoying the financial benefits Karatbars offers!

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